Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone

It seems as though the powers that be behind Punisher: War Zone have finally come to the conclusion that they need to ramp up the marketing campaign if they want people to actually go see this much-belabored film. Lately the TV spots have been popping up like zits on a fanboy's face, and now new stills from the movie are flooding the Net in droves.

Taking a cue from our friends over at Latino Review, we here at Screen Rant have gathered a hefty pile of new Punisher pics for your viewing pleasure. Some are stills from the finished movie, others are production stills taken on the set while cast and crew tried work out how best to convey the dark story of Frank Castle, and his quest to punish the guilty.

See for yourself:

Director Lexi Alexander and star Ray Stevenson on the set

Jigsaw (Dominic West) shows off advanced chiropractic techniques

The Punisher demonstrates proper knuckle cracking techniques

Punisher busts his guns

Jigsaw visits a friend in the psyche ward

The Punisher gabs with God

Punisher Movie? Or Saw VI?

Punisher and friends enjoy a low-key Friday night

Punisher gets the party started (notice the portrait of Hilary Clinton in the background)

For the rest of the latest batch of new Punisher images head over to Latino Review, who have a bunch more.

Special thanks to myself for all those witty captions. Seriously though, the photos make me very curious to see what the finished product of Punisher: War Zone is going to be. The more pictures I see, the more I can't help but feel like the film is some weird mashup of The Punisher and the Saw movies. Maybe Lionsgate has some kind of specific rules about how their films are lit? That could be it.

But honestly, I'm tired of any and all speculation about this flick. After more than a year of the rumor mill churning, I'm going to buy a damned ticket for the first show on December 5, just so I can see what all the hubub has been about! Who knows, maybe agitated curiosity was the marketing plan all along...

What do you think about the new pics? And are you eager to see Punisher: War Zone?

Source: Latino Review

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