10 Times The Lizzie McGuire Show Tackled Deep Issues

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It's hard to believe that Disney's Lizzie McGuire only lasted for two seasons. Although the iconic Hilary Duff show had 65 episodes, many of us feel as though we were with Lizzie for seasons up seasons. She and her pals Miranda and Gordo taught us so much at a pivotal time in our lives. They taught us about life in high school, how to deal with annoying siblings, and that fears about social anxiety were normal for kids our age. Lizzie McGuire came right when we needed it most.

Unfortunately, the series ended after Hilary Duff (Lizzie), her mom (her manager at the time), and Disney couldn't come to an agreement on salary. The show continued with an epic movie following Lizzie and her classmates to Italy, but fans wanted more. Thankfully, Hilary Duff told everyone this summer that a Lizzie McGuire spinoff is currently in the works. To get excited for Lizzie in her 30's, we're taking a look at the most memorable moments that tackled larger-than-life-issues.

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In the 12th episode of the first season, "Between a Rock and a Bra Place" takes us on a ride to young girls getting their first bra. Talking about young girls maturing and needing bras was a first for Disney but it paid off big time.

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All kids go through physical changes at different times with their bodies, which is why it was assuring to see their idols on screen going through similar changes. In the episode, Lizzie and Miranda decide they're old enough to be allowed to wear a bra and go bra shopping. While trying to hide it from their moms, Lizzie's mom eventually finds out and turns it into a bigger deal than Lizzie wanted it to be. Nevertheless, this is a monumental moment in a young girl's life.


Throughout 65 episodes we saw Gordo fall deeper and deeper in love with his BFF Lizzie. And while Gordo only had eyes for Lizzie, she always had eyes for Ethan Craft. Falling for your best friend while they were falling for someone else is a classic issue that many of us dealt with while growing up.

Lizzie and Gordo never really had a sit down to talk about their feelings for one another but they always kind of knew. We did get a kiss out of them in The Lizzie McGuire Movie so it'll be interesting to see what happened between these two in the reboot.


In the 16th episode of the second season, Lizzie McGuire had one of its darkest episodes. Gordo asks Miranda to be in a music video he's directing and after seeing how she looks on camera, she begins to get obsessive with her weight.

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Miranda then begins skipping meals just to look thin on camera. Lizzie and Gordo take notice of her eating disorder and try to help her find her worth. Seeing how Miranda and Lizzie handled everything gave many young people strength and an outlook on image issues they've never had before.


For the 31st episode of the first season, Gordo begins to feel pressure beyond his control. After seeing how other boys in his grade are growing quicker than he is, he decides to show off his manpower by having a bar mitzvah. If he had a bar mitzvah maybe other kids in his grade would view him as a man even though he's not as tall or buff as the other guys.

Many shows directed towards kids focus on girls feeling inferior to other girls, so it was refreshing for the male audience to know they're not alone through Gordo's struggles.


In the very first episode of the first season of Lizzie McGuire, we're instantly introduced to many of the show's heavy hitters. We meet Lizzie and her BFFs Miranda and Gordo, we see her family dynamic with her younger brother, and we see that the queen bee of their school is head cheerleader, Kate.

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In this episode, Lizzie tries out for the cheerleading squad even though she knows deep down she probably wouldn't make the team. After chatting online with Miranda about tryouts, Miranda lets Lizzie know that Kate made cheerleading captain. To make herself feel better about the situation, Lizzie starts a rumor about Kate stuffing her bra, which was the only reason she made captain. The entire school found out about this rumor and Kate made it her daily duty to make Lizzie and Miranda's lives miserable. Eventually, the truth came out and everyone moved on, but the episode taught some fantastic lessons about rumors.


It's every parent's nightmare that their child is going to get caught up with the wrong crowd in school. And while Lizzie is a good girl through and through, she took a misstep when she befriended the school's "bad girl," Angel.

After doing funky things to her hair, changing her style, and trying out a fake nose ring, Gordo and Miranda missed the old Lizzie. After coming up with a plan, they eventually got the old Lizzie back but it was a lesson many young kids go through. Finding the right crowd in middle school can be daunting. Kids are all trying to find themselves and learn where they fit in, so many were glad Disney took this risk with Lizzie.


In the episode "Rated Aargh," Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda are the last ones to see an R rated movie that everyone else in school has already seen. Knowing you need to be a certain age to see an R rated movie, you'll need to be accompanied by an adult if you're not.

Sadly, for this group of friends, their parents wouldn't let them see the movie, which leads them to lie to their parents and seeing it anyway. But when Lizzie saves a man from choking, she's interviewed by the local news channel which gives away their lie. Be honest kids.


In the eighth episode of the second season, we see Lizzie trying to change herself to fit the mold of Ethan Craft's perfect girl. With the Sadie Hawkings dance around the corner, Ethan turns Lizzie down because he sees her as a friend. Crushed, Lizzie transforms herself only for Ethan to let her down again by saying there's zero chemistry between the two.

This episode teaches us all to stay true to ourselves and to not change to become someone's perfect person, rather find someone who likes us for who we already are.


In the 10th episode of the second season, "In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust," Miranda is caught stealing a few lip glosses from the local shopping mall. After getting caught by the security guard, Lizzie doesn't do much to help protect Miranda, which leads to these two arguing.

As per usual, these two can't stay angry at one another for long. The episode teaches us to be honest with ourselves when we get in trouble and to stick by our friends when they need us most. It also warns kids (and scares them enough) from shoplifting.


As we all know, Lizzie McGuire has had a crush on Ethan Craft since infancy. In the 33rd episode of the final season, we see that Lizzie is continuing to showoff to Ethan by showing him up in a few gym class skills. Due to her strength, she's invited to play touch football with the popular crowd.

After being invited to play, she fears she puts herself in the friendzone after Ethan calls her "dude." She then worries about looking too masculine. This is a silly fear that many kids still deal with today. Just because a woman is strong does not mean she's a man or loses her feminine touch.

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