Lizzie McGuire: 10 Outfits That Are Still Trendy Today

On Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuire, the titular junior high heroine and friends embodied the early 2000s in their style and could still rock it today.

From 2001 to 2004, Hilary Duff starred as the title character in Lizzie McGuire. This Disney Channel show covered relatable teen topics, such as crushes and controlling parents. Now that the story will be continuing on Disney+, fans are reliving, rewatching and reminding themselves of all the greatest moments of this TV series. 

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While there was so much to love about it, one of the best parts was the fashion. The early-mid 2000s had some super unique looks, and these characters were not afraid to show off their individual styles. Therefore, we present 10 Lizzie McGuire outfits that are still trendy today.

10 Chokers & Head/Hair Accessories

Two staple pieces from Lizzie McGuire's heyday are trending again and are as big as ever: chokers and hair accessories, such as clips and scrunchies. Both of Lizzie and Miranda chose to add fabulous necklaces to their sleeveless tops, necklaces that would work even today. And Miranda, who always wore really out-there outfits, chose to wrap her braids in multiple bands and to add a hat as well. They say less is more, but that clearly does not apply to accessorizing the perfect look. 

9 Overalls

Those who grew up watching Lizzie McGuire probably also grew up wearing overalls. And if you were really cool, then maybe you even wore one of the straps unbuckled. Of course, Lizzie wore overalls, and now they're back in style, and Hilary Duff has even been seen out and about in them. So we wonder if the new Disney+ show will have Lizzie McGuire clad in a similar look…

8 Spaghetti Straps & Scrunchies

In the ‘90s, spaghetti-strap tops were a big deal, and that continued for a bit, on into the 2000s. That being said, Lizzie was once seen in this vibrant shirt and matching scrunchie. Notice too that Miranda’s hair accessories also match her top, because these ladies had it going on, of course! Today, this type of top is back, as are the elastic bands, so this is definitely a look that can still be rocked. 

7 Animal Print

Animal print is a timeless thing, as it has been worn for years and years by people of all ages and all types, in all locations and all seasons. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and Lizzie opted to wear it with one of her iconic hairstyles. Shirts like this are sold in every store out there, so this is another trendy ensemble.

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6 Pink Camo

On a similar note, we present this pink camouflage shirt. For a while, camo was put on anything and everything, and having it in pink was super cool. The style has stayed around as well, so it is easy to picture Hilary Duff and/or Lizzie McGuire in something like this in 2019. And really just study those details: The pink stripes in the hair and the pink choker are like cherries on top of this totally 2000s outfit... an outfit that is still in, TBH. 

5 Plaid Skirt

This is such a cute look! Let’s break it down. A white turtleneck sweater is a staple piece that can be layered or worn on its own. Tights or leggings like the ones Lizzie is wearing underneath here are good for the fall and winter months. This kilt-like skirt certainly reminds everyone of the early 2000s, yet it is also something that could be worn today. Plus, Lizzie accessorized with that awesome little bag that is giving off chic fanny pack vibes, making this another winner. 

4 Denim Jacket

Remember when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore denim on the red carpet? That might have been a little much, but it goes to show just how trendy denim outfits were back then.

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However, denim is another style staple, as people have been wearing jeans and jackets made out of this material forever. And bedazzled denim jackets (or ones that have any extra and added detailing, to really make a statement) have made a comeback, so Lizzie could totally rock a similar look in her new series — with the hair clips, too, of course. 

3 Not-So-Basic White Blouse

Like a white turtleneck, a white button-up blouse is a great thing to have hanging in any and all closets. But Lizzie McGuire character would never wear a simple one. Instead, hers would have some ruching, with some slits and some flairs, to make a real fashion statement. This is a cool piece that can be worn with a funky look or a classy one, and it is still in style today. Let’s also just take a moment to appreciate Miranda’s red-on-red ensemble, with the plaid and the headband and the jewelry — so fab.  

2 All That Blue & All That Hair Bling

This is such an iconic Lizzie McGuire fashion moment, and it completely defines the early 2000s. That blue pleather jacket, the hair clips, the fuzzy and pink and sparkly scrunchies...these are all things that are for sale in stores right now, and it is so cool to see them make a comeback. They may not be for everyone, but that is okay — no one could pull off any of these fashion choices quite like Lizzie and Miranda. 

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1 This

A defining moment was when Lizzie McGuire got her own movie, graduated from junior high, went off to Rome and sang on stage with a pop star lookalike. Most importantly, the film gave the world this outfit. There is bling all over it. There is a crop top, which is super trendy right now. There are flared legs, which have also made a comeback. And there was a skirt over this, which got ripped off for a totally awesome "Wow!" factor. This is something that could easily pop up on the next red carpet event for, say, the Grammys or the Lizzie McGuire Disney+ premiere event!

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