Why Edge Of Tomorrow Has Two Different Titles

Tom Cruise’s 2014 sci-fi blockbuster Edge Of Tomorrow is also known as Live Die Repeat – here's why the film’s title has a split personality. Live Die Repeat is based on the 2004 Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill by author Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The story follows a cowardly Major named William Cage (Tom Cruise) who is forced to take part in a landing operation against an invading alien race. Cage has no combat experience so he’s quickly killed – only to be resurrected via a time loop. Cage soon learns to use this ability to become a better fighter and to figure out a way to stop the aliens winning.

While Live Die Repeat was known as All You Need Is Kill early in development, it seems nobody on the production was fond of this title. They felt it was too harsh with director Doug Liman, in particular, finding it ill-fitting for what is essentially an action comedy. Liman pushed hard for the film to be called Live Die Repeat, but an executive at Warner Bros wanted to rename it Edge Of Tomorrow. Despite pushing for his preferred title, Liman was overruled and the movie was released as Edge Of Tomorrow. Live Die Repeat thus became the poster tagline.

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Edge Of Tomorrow was released to solid reviews, with critics praising the film’s surprisingly witty script, the performances of Cruise and Emily Blunt and its use of video game logic. Despite this, the movie was considered something of a financial disappointment compared to its critical reception. The film was a major blockbuster based off of somewhat obscure source material with a generic sounding title, and no article on Edge Of Tomorrow could resist comparing it to Groundhog Day. Those factors seemingly combined to drag down the film’s box-office tally and Liman felt personally vindicated in his belief Live Die Repeat should have been the title.

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge Of Tomorrow

Liman actually railed against the executive who insisted on the original title to the point he had to call and apologize, but then something interesting happened. When the movie came out on home media the tagline Live Die Repeat became so prominent on the cover it dwarfed Edge Of Tomorrow; on Amazon, the film is even titled Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow. This appeared to be an effort by the studio to rebrand the movie in light of its disappointing theatrical run. The response to this new title was more positive, though some viewers were confused about the sudden change of title.

Liman wants to make this branding permanent, with the movie’s potential sequel being developed under the working title Live Die Repeat And Repeat. While the movie wasn’t necessarily a financial behemoth, it garnered a fanbase due to positive word of mouth, with many feeling Live Die Repeat is one of Cruise’s best blockbusters in recent memory. The storyline for Live Die Repeat And Repeat has yet to be revealed, though Liman has boldly claimed it will revolutionize the way sequels are made and will explain the murky logic of the original movie’s ending. The sequel has yet to be officially greenlit, however, but if it goes ahead maybe the trilogy could end with Live Die Repeat: All You Need Is Kill?

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