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Ben Affleck has been keeping busy of late; the Oscar-winning actor/filmmaker will appear as the Caped Crusader in the anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and filmed the upcoming thriller, The Accountant, for Warner Bros. this year - and has swiftly moved on to his next project for the studio. The latter would be the delayed prohibition era, mobster film; Live By Night, Affleck's first directorial project since the Best Picture Oscar-winning Argo in 2012.

Affleck has confirmed that Live By Night (which he's also headlining) has finally started filming - by revealing a sneak peak through the lens of his very first shot on the first day on set.

Live By Night is a crime thriller period piece, adapted from a novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Shutter Island). The plot follows the life of ambitious mobster Joe Coughlin (Affleck) as he rises through the ranks of organized crime. For more, here's the synopsis for Lehane's source material:

Joe Coughlin is nineteen when he meets Emma Gould. A smalltime thief in 1920s Boston, he is told to cuff her while his accomplices raid the casino she works for. But Joe falls in love with Emma - and his life changes for ever. That meeting is the beginning of Joe's journey to becoming one of the nation's most feared and respected gangsters. It is a journey beset by violence, double-crossing, drama and pain. And it is a journey into the soul of prohibition-era America...

Affleck was also responsible for scripting the movie and is co-producing along with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran. Sienna Miller (Foxcatcher), Zoe Saldana (Guardians Of The Galaxy), and Elle Fanning (Maleficenthave been attached to this project for some time; Chris Messina (Argo) and Chris Cooper (Adaptation) will also play supporting roles. Below is the Tweet that Affleck posted online, confirming the start of production on Live By Night.

First day. First shot. #livebynightmovie

— Ben Affleck (@BenAffleck) October 28, 2015

Quentin Tarantino's longtime cinematographer Robert Richardson will be providing his flair for Live by Night, as evident from this gorgeous first shot Affleck unveiled online.

This will be the second time Affleck has been involved with a Lehane adaptation - having previously adapted Lehan's Gone Baby Gone book for the big screen - though his recent commitments delayed production on Live By Night. However, he's making the film now, before he reprises as Batman for Justice League in 2017 - and thereafter, may well wind up co-writing/directing a Batman solo movie, too.

Warner Bros are clearly maximizing on Affleck's steadily growing acclaim, betting that their star can recreate the accolade of Argo with Live By Night - given his current track record with Lehane film adaptations. The film has a range of notable talent, the luxury of an opulent era in various locations to exploit visually, a renowned cinematographer at the helm, and a vague 2017 release date that could be aimed within the ideal awards season slot. The only concern is that Affleck could be worn too thin by this stage and drop the ball on this project - one that he chose to place on the back burner.

Hopefully, that won't happen - and Affleck will continue to be generous with his filming details on social media, seeing as the sets and costumes for Live By Night should be a sight to admire, if nothing else.

Live By Night is expected to be released in 2017; we'll let you know when it gets a new official release date.

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