Live Action Star Wars TV Show Closer To Reality


Lucas and a group of writers started writing scripts for the 100 episode series way back in 2007, but now comes the first news that casting for the series is underway.

MTV spoke with Star Wars bit part actress Rose Byrne at the Knowing press junket and she said:

"A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it"

While it's not an awful lot to go on it does look that Lucas will once again unleash the force once more.

As a huge Star Wars fan (I have no idea how many DVDs and VHS copies I own) I have to admit that I haven't watched the last animated movie or it's television counterpart. It's animation - I just don't get animation.

However, I may just get excited by a live action series - if it's done right. Television is a new frontier for narrative story telling and I feel that if Lucas has developed the series correctly then it could be a good show.

I know that there an awful lot of Lucas haters out there who feel that he has milked the Star Wars cash cow for all it's worth, but I believe that we have to give this series a chance - lets see some previews before we bash it.

Don't expect to see any familiar faces in the show - it's due to be set in the 20 years between Episode III and Episode IV but with no major character making an appearance.


If Lucas is only casting at the moment I'd say that the show is probably another two or three years away due to the technical effects and because I'd imagine that they'd want a few episodes in the can before they premiere on television.

Screen Rant will have more news on the live action Star Wars series when we get it.

Source: MTV

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