Live-Action Futurama Fan Episode Brings The Show to Life

After months of waiting, Cinema Relics have now delivered a full live-action fan episode of Futurama, titled Fan-O-Rama.

Futurama has long held an incredibly dedicated fanbase, though that didn’t stop the Matt Groening animated series from being canceled back in 2013 after seven seasons on the Fox and Comedy Central networks. The show follows the odd adventures of pizza boy Fry, who’s cryogenically frozen for a thousand years before being brought back in the 31st century. It was a unique offering from the man who spearheaded The Simpsons, but one that didn’t gain enough mainstream traction to last quite as long.

In July 2016, Cinema Relics proved their Futurama fan cred when they dropped a trailer for Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film. The project would feature a cast of new actors in a live-action adaptation of the show. Since then, fans have been waiting to see what the company have up their sleeves, and the answer has been given. The entire, live-action episode has now been released online (see above).

Dan Lanigan directs the episode, whilst also serving as a writer alongside Andy Klimczak and Kody Frederick. Frederick is also a member of the cast, taking on the roles of Fry and the Professor. Katie Lanigan plays Leela and Brock Baker voices Bender, Zoidberg, and Professor.

Futurama Live Action Fan Film - Bender and Leela

Fry and Bender open the episode, enjoying a beer whilst they sit and laze around in front of the television. Running dry on alcohol, they think their prayers have been answered when a commercial advertises a competition which will grant the winner a lifetime supply of free beer. All they need to do to win is come up with a jingle for the company.

When projects such as this are released to the public and become the recipients of such high praise, one wonders what may be next for the series. In Futurama’s case, this could be the sort of viral video that gets conversations going within television networks as to whether or not the animation should be brought back in some form.

A Futurama revival would no doubt be an exciting prospect. With beloved characters and an expansive universe to continue exploring, the possibility would certainly get fans excited. However, having only been off the air for three years and with repeats running thick and fast across the globe, a unique approach (like a live action special) may be necessary to secure the success of even a temporary return.

Source: Cinema Relics

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