25 Live-Action Adaptations Coming Out In 2019 (And 5 Possibilities)

Between the current level of CGI and influx of nostalgia, live-action adaptations have become more popular than ever. While adaptations typically only focused on books, they now seamlessly spread throughout comic books, video games, animated movies, and more.

Owning Marvel and their own properties, Disney has specifically pioneered the multi-media adaptations. After all, not only has it continued adapting more comic book stories as its Avengers movies have become more popular, but it is also spearheading live-action versions of its own animated classics. The successes of all of Disney's recent Marvel endeavors and live-action adaptations mean that it won't be stopping anytime soon. If anything, it has only added more movie to its upcoming rosters.

Disney isn't the only live-action adaptation creator, though. There are many more movies using other media and stories for their inspiration. There are a lot of these stories coming out in 2019, and even more have been rumored.

With that said, here are the 25 Live-Action Adaptations Coming Out In 2019 (And 5 Possibilities).

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30 Coming in 2019: Dumbo

The majority of Disney's live-action movies coming out are princess favorites. However, a rare few are based on older Disney classics. In 2019, the fourth movie Walt Disney ever created, Dumbo, will have its own live-action remake.

Dumbo is unique, though, because instead of just getting a CGI re-skin, the story will also be very different. After all, there weren't any human characters that really factored into the young elephant's story in the original. Now, the whole circus is partaking in the story and coming to life. Time will only tell if these changes make the story better. Fans can check it out for themselves in March of 2019.

29 Coming in 2019: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Poster Cropped

This summer left a lot of Marvel comic book fans hanging, leaving Ant-Man in the quantum realm and half the universe disintegrated by Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet. The only clue given to who could save the universe was a little pager Nick Fury triggered before fading away himself. The symbol on it was Captain Marvel's logo.

This will be Captain Marvel's first movie debut. Played by Bree Larson, fans are ecstatic to see the first Carol Danvers on screen and the first female-led Marvel film. Captain Marvel hits theater screens March 2019.

28 Coming in 2019: Hellboy

In the early 2000s, Ron Perlman played an iconic rendition of Hellboy, a headstrong demon fighting for humanity. His story was left in the lurch, though, as it was stopped after two movies due to creative complications.

However, after many years of waiting, Hellboy is back. David Harbour is stepping into the role and kickstarting the big guy's story all over again. Hellboy was a well-loved comic published by Dark Horse, so it'll be fascinating to see where the story leads this time. As long as Hellboy keeps his fiery personality, things should go great. The movie is set to release in April of 2019.

27 Coming in 2019: The Good Liar

The Good Liar is a thriller novel written by Nicholas Searle. In November 2019, it will debut as a live-action adaptation movie starring Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellan.

Following the sinister machinations of Roy, a serial scammer of wealthy women, readers will watch him try to outwit his prey, Betty. Just as he plans, she eventually lets him move in. However, once he's there, his long, mysterious past begins to unravel. After all, who is Roy really? Searle's book, which was published in 2017, explores the interesting dynamic between the two characters. Also, like the title suggests, it dives deep into the mind and past of one dangerously good liar.

26 Coming in 2019: Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel is a steampunk action movie about the young android Alita. Based on Yukito Kishiro's manga, Battle Angel Alita, the live-action adaptation is a hybrid film. Some characters are fully human, while others are CGI androids with frightening bright, wide eyes.

Alita herself once lived among the androids, but for mysterious reasons, she was eventually discarded. Dr. Dyson, a scientist, finds her and cares for her like a father. However, things get complicated when the androids who wanted her dismantled find out she's alive. The movie will hit theaters in February 2019 -- only then will the one of the most dangerous androids in manga make her way to the big screen.

25 Possibility: Wicked

Initially, the live-action, theatrical version of Wicked was planned to come out in the fall of 2018. However, even the creators behind the movie admit that was a ridiculous estimate. Instead, the date has moved to a vague time in 2019 or beyond.

Ever since Gregory Maguire's novel was transformed into a musical, Hollywood has had an eye on it. The story of Elphaba, the bad witch who was really just misunderstood, has dazzled fans worldwide. Though the original source material was much darker, the musical lightened things up and made it a hit. A feature film would mark the story's third transformation to date.

24 Coming in 2019: Call Of The Wild

Jack London's novels have become the quintessential tales of man vs. wild, but they are told from the point of view of dogs. They chronicle either how man can be cruel and drive people/creatures to the freedom of the wild, or the opposite. With his books, London mastered the complex duality of humanity.

One of his most famous, Call of The Wild, follows Buck. Buck is a dog that was stolen from his home and progressively becomes more and more aggressive due to the cruelty he has to endure. In December 2019, Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, and Terry Notary will star in a live-action version. Through Notary's voice and the magic of CGI, Buck's struggle will come to life.

23 Coming in 2019: Greyhound

In an ambitious endeavor, Tom Hanks stars, writes, and produces this war movie. The screenplay is based on C.S. Forrester's novel, The Good Shepherd. Following the daring tale of a nautical convoy, the group of ships must cross dangerous North Atlantic waters while German U-Boats pursue them. The convoy is led by Commander Ernest Krause, who Hanks will be playing. Elisabeth Shaw will be playing his wife.

The movie will be released in March of 2019. It will be Hanks' fourth screenplay and the most involved project he's ever done.

22 Coming in 2019: Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer, the beloved kid's show from the early 2000s, is getting a new look. Now, not only is the story of Dora live-action, but Dora will also be all grown up and heading to high school. However, the story quickly gets back to her roots when she takes her cousin Diego and some friends on a wild adventure to save her parents and unveil Incan mysteries.

So far, it seems like bizarre premise with a bizarre execution, but movie-goers will just have to wait to see how the endeavor pans out. Though it sounds a little crazy, teenage Dora might exceed all expectations. Fans can see Dora in theaters in August 2019.

21 Coming in 2019: Cats

Andrew Lloyd Webber's iconic musical classic has taken a huge leap from the stage to the big screen. In December, 2019, Cats will be released as a live-action, full-feature length movie.

The wild film already has a star studded cast including the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, James Corden, Ian McKellan, Idris Elba, Judy Dench, and more. Though many newcomers likely won't be able to pronounce the names of all the cats they meet, they'll never forget all the superstars the movie brought together. Once more, the Jellicle clan will make the "Jellicle Choice" and one cat will ascend to the "Heavenside Layer" -- even though few people know exactly what that means to this day.

20 Possibility: Cruella

Along with its many upcoming live-action adaptations, Disney also has a few tricks up its sleeve. One of those is the origin story of one of the most loathred Disney villains ever, Cruella De Vil. Views of 101 Dalmatians never learned how Cruella became so evil and why she wanted to end the lives of puppies.

With Emma Stone taking over the role and giving fans a peek into Cruella's early life, perhaps fans will finally find something that they like about the vicious fashionista. The movie was initially slated for 2019, so we'll see if that comes to fruition. Fans will just have to wait and see where this odd, unique project goes.

19 Coming in 2019: Little Women

After the wild critical success of Ladybird, director Greta Gertwig is tackling another story of young womanhood: Little Women. As one of the oldest, most enduring stories of sisterhood, family, and the struggles of being a young woman, Little Women is a hard story to tackle. Yet with her favorite actress, Saoirse Ronan, and the star-studded talents of Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, and Timothee Chalamet, Gertwig is poised to created a fantastic adaption.

The movie will hit theaters in December of 2019. As with Ladybird before, hopefully Gertwig hits a home run in portraying the truths and stories of being a young woman.

18 Coming in 2019: Dark Phoenix

Superhero stories have become increasingly popular within the last decade. Fox has decided to use its X-Men property to tell one of the most well-known comic book stories: the Dark Phoenix saga.

Jean Grey, one of the most prominent members of the X-Men, is well-known for her rise and fall. It's a gripping tale. After all, it's not every day the good girl turns into the most frightening monster on earth. Though the story's been told many times before, it'll be fascinating to see a new live-action adaptation of it. The story was used in the plot of X-Men: The Last Stand, but fans are excited to finally see the Dark Phoenix saga receive its very own movie.

17 Coming in 2019: After

After Movie Josephine Langford Hero Fiennes-Tiffin

Based on the 2014 novel by Anna Todd, After is a steamy romance about a young woman, Tessa, who goes to college and finds herself in a whirlwind romance with a bad boy named Harden. Mystery, danger, and intrigue surround this blossoming love, but Tessa can't seem to get enough of it.

Much like Fifty Shades of Grey, After was once a Harry Styles fan-fiction turned novel, then turned major motion picture. If fans react similarly, Todd will be a very wealthy woman. After will reach theaters in April 2019, hopefully tantalizing romance lovers all over the country.

16 Coming in 2019: The Rhythm Section

Popular books usually receive their own live-action adaptations, and The Rhythm Section is no different. The story started out as a novel by Mark Burnell, but in February of 2019, it'll be released as a feature film. Starring Blake Lively and Jude Law, it will be a thriller with an impressive cast.

Following the tragic passing of her parents, Stephanie Patrick has nothing left to live for. She falls into dangerous habits and begins wandering the streets. However, when she discovers that the plane crash that took her parent's lives wasn't an accident, she fearlessly joins a covert operation to learn the truth.

15 Possibility: Oliver!

After the success of La La Land, Mamma Mia, and a few other new movie musicals, fans of the genre are itching for more. Upcoming projects, such as Cats, Wicked, and other rumored movies, are only strengthening the fire. It's unsurprising then that rumors of a new Oliver! movie are making their rounds. The film will be based on the popular musical that ran successfully on Broadway for many years, which was based on the classic Dickens tale.

Disney is the rumored beneficiary of the project. Names like Eddie Redmayne, Ice Cube, and even Adele have been rumored to be involved.

14 Coming in 2019: A Dog's Journey

In 2017, a comedy-drama about the lives of dogs, reincarnation, and animal cruelty called A Dog's Purpose was released. In it, viewers watched one dog live many lives, learning from each as he aged. The story was based on a novel written by W. Bruce Cameron.

The movie starred Dennis Quaid as the dog's most beloved owner and Josh Gad, who voiced the dog. After so many lives, they finally discover that their purpose involves the people they love. It's a heartwarming movie. Cameron wrote a sequel, A Dog's Journey, which follows the loveable pup and his owner(s) all over again. Fans can see the sequel in theaters in May 2019.

13 Coming in 2019: The Goldfinch

Sometimes, life works in mysterious ways. It can even sometimes circulate around something as small as a Goldfinch painting, which is the general plot of Donna Tartt's 2013 novel. The Goldfinch, which is aptly titled, has now been developed into a full-length feature, starring Ansel Elgort as the main character, Theo.

Following Theo's twisting and tumbling life, the story begins with the bombing of a art museum when he was just 13, The Goldfinch, and a trembling, withering old man. From there, it only gets more complicated. The movie will be released in October of 2019.

12 Coming in 2019: Aladdin

Mena Massoud as Aladdin taking the magic lamp in Aladdin teaser trailer

After the success of the live-action Beauty and The Beast, Disney has put serious work into making live-action versions of most of the Disney Renaissance movies. Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King are all in the pipeline. One of the most magical on the list, however, is Aladdin. That tale of princesses, genies, and street rats will hit theaters in May 2019.

Now a live-action movie, Disney has cast a much more ethnically accurate set of actors, with Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) and Mena Massoud (Jack Ryan) leading as Jasmine and Aladdin. Fans will find out soon if this Arabian tale can be just as magical a second time around.

11 Coming in 2019: Pet Sematary

Stephen King is in vogue once more. With the smash hit of It, another wave of King-inspired projects has struck Hollywood. Several short story movies have already been made on Netflix and even a Shining spin-off is in the works. Understandably, filmmakers also start looking at some of his older classics. Pet Sematary is one of King's most famous stories and is set for release in April 2019.

A little town has a graveyard, but it's not just a normal cemetery -- any pet buried there will come back to life. However, things never come back quite right. When a tragedy befalls a little boy, the town soon realizes that burying him in the pet cemetery was a bad idea.

10 Possibility: Gargoyles

From the mid-90s to the later 2000s, Disney aired cartoons called the Disney Afternoon. One of the iconic series that was part of this was Gargoyles. The show followed a clan of Gargoyles from Scotland that are suddenly awoken by a sketchy billionaire named Xanatos. After that, they team up with cop Elisa Maza to do their best to protect the city.

Jordan Peele, director of Get Out, has talked with Disney several times about his interest in creating a live-action version. Though Disney hasn't said no, it still hasn't said yes, either. Currently, the project hangs in limbo until Disney gives Peele its final word.

9 Coming in 2019: Shazam!

Shazam Billy Batson Movie

DC has received a lot of flack for its dark and gritty superhero films. After all, Batman is often portrayed as a rugged and unstable hero, Superman destroys people, and the movies typically use little lighting. In fact, its most successful movie has been its brightest movie -- both in tone and palette -- Wonder Woman.

Taking a hint from Wonder Woman's success, DC now has Shazam! in its lineup, which is set to be released in April of 2019. Shazam! tells the story of Billy Batson, a young orphan who is suddenly bestowed with tremendous powers. With these new abilities, he can become a grown man with superhuman strength. This will be this character's first live-action adaptation.

8 Coming in 2019: The Sun In Also A Star

Nicola Yoon famously authored best-seller-turned-movie, Everything Everything. Once again, she's penned a hit of a book and it's being turned into a full length feature film. This one is titled The Sun Is Also a Star and tells a story about falling in love and fate.

The plot follows Natasha and Daniel, two very different teens with very different worldviews. Natasha doesn't believe in fate or love at first sight. Instead, she knows that the world can be cruel, especially since her family might be deportated. Meanwhile, Daniel is the opposite and believes that meeting Natasha is destiny and that they are meant to be. Starring Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton, the movie is set for release in May 2019.

7 Coming in 2019: Artemis Fowl

Ever since the success of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter movie series, many young adult book sagas have been adapted for the big screen. One of the newest YA books receiving a movie is the Artemis Fowl series. These books follow Artemis Fowl II, a young man determined to find his father and restore his fortune. Because of this, he goes on an adventure seeking fairies in order to save his dad and, ultimately, rob them.

With a unique cast of characters, Artemis Fowl has the chance to dazzle young viewers all over again. Fans can find the movie in theaters in August 2019.

6 Coming in 2019: Chaos Walking

Patrick Ness has already delved into live-action adaptations with his novel-turned-movie, A Monster Calls. In March of 2019, however, another of his stories will be jumping onto the big screen once again.

Chaos Walking is based on Ness' science fiction novel, The Knife of Never Letting Go. In it, a virus has eliminated all women and given men the ability to hear animals' thoughts, which is called noise. The main character, Todd, is startled when he comes upon a place that is completely silent. There, he meets the mysterious Viola Eade, who is possibly the only woman left alive. Starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, the sci-fi story is set for release in.

5 Possibility: Akira

Akira animated movie

One of the most iconic and beloved anime movies, Akira, tells the story of Tetsuo Shima, a man who gains telekinetic powers after a terrible motorcycle accident. However, those powers soon threaten to change the world.

Akira was the biggest budget anime of it's time and has impacted countless other stories. It's considered a classic. Director of Thor: Ragnorak, Taika Waititi, has talked with producers and other creators about directing a live-action version of the sci-fi anime movie. While anime to live-action transitions historically haven't done well, Waititi's distinct style leaves some fans hopeful for a respectful, awe-inspiring adaptation.

4 Coming in 2019: It: Chapter 2

In September of 2017, a live-action adaptation of Stephen King's It debuted and was met with uproarious praise. Instead of trying to shove both adult and childhood stories into one movie, though, director Adres Muschietti separated the fan-favorite novel into two movies. The journey of the Losers Club facing off against the dangerous clown has come to a close, but only for now.

In September of 2019, two years later, fans will see a grown-up Losers Club return to Derry, Maine and try to take down the monster underground for good. Starring big names like Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader, It: Chapter Two will readily terrify and excite fans all over again.

3 Coming in 2019: Sonic The Hedgehog

When fans thought Sonic the Hedgehog's multi-platform saga couldn't get any stranger, Paramount green-lit a live-action Sonic movie. However, the movie will include both humans and CGI characters, so Sonic will remain as an anthropomorphic hedgehog. The titular character will be voiced by Ben Schwartz, while a human sheriff character, Tom Wachowski, will be played by James Marsden.

The plot only gets whackier, though. Sonic is running from the government and Marsden's character decides to help him get away. The movie sounds inconceivable, especially when we picture James Marsden next to a CGI Sonic. Sonic The Hedgehog is set to be released in November of 2019.

2 Coming in 2019: Lion King

The Lion King Trailer Simba Presented

A live-action version of The Lion King will be released in theaters in July of 2019. So far, from what we've seen of the movie from the trailer, it seems like Disney is pulling out all of the stops to create a CGI lion kingdom. The movie also boasts an impressive cast. Donald Glover will star as the voice of Simba, while Beyoncé will voice his lioness best friend and betrothed, Nala.

Some fans are excited to see their favorite characters all over again. Others, however, are concerned about it a duplicate of the animated Disney movie, this time with CGI. The movie divided more than a few fans. One difference for certain, however, is that some songs have been removed-- and, unfortunately, one of those is "Be Prepared".

1 Coming in 2019: Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu Taxi Cab

Not only is Pokémon: Detective Pikachu a bringing us a live-action version of the Pokémon world, but it's also based on a 2016 video game of the same name.

The story follows a young man named Tim Goodman, who is devastated by the loss of his father and his Pokémon trainer past. However, with the help of a talking Pikachu that only he can hear, Tim might finally get the answers he's been looking for. Justice Smith stars as Tim and Ryan Reynolds voices Pikachu. Fans will have to wait until May of 2019 to watch the movie on the big screen.


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