Little Thor: Marvel's Official Fake 'God of Thunder' Trailer

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As God of Thunder fans anxiously await their first glimpse at Marvel's Thor (only two weeks from now), the comic book publisher-turned movie studio is unleashing a special surprise - to help whet our appetites.

Little Thor, a soon-to-be Internet sensation, was recently released on the Marvel YouTube account - and the results are, as you can imagine, electrifying.

There's plenty of positive buzz for Thor, as a result of some favorable early reviews, but there's no doubt that the summer of 2011 is packed with superhero films and the God of Thunder and Marvel have their work cut out for them if they want to come out on top - or, looking forward, get a green light for Thor 2. A great performance from Chris Hemsworth and an oscar-winner love interest certainly help - but nothing is quite as effective these days as great viral marketing.

The Little Thor commercial, obviously a semi-shot for shot play on the the much talked about Little Darth Vader Volkswagen Super Bowl spot (entitled "The Force") may not sell a ton of cars but adds a great twist on the heavy-hitting marketing blitz Thor executives are beginning to unleash.

Check out the "Little Thor" trailer below:


While Marvel is no stranger to viral marketing, Little Thor adds a new dimension to a media campaign that has been dominated by bulky superhero action and special effects. While the trailers have certainly hinted at the humor in Kenneth Branagh's addition to the Marvel movie canon, the spot is certainly going to put Thor in front of some demographics that might have otherwise been unfazed by The Avengers buzz, The Destroyer, hammer combat, and ground-pound earthquakes.

Whether or not the cutesy viral video is ultimately enough to get non-comic book fans into theater is certainly up in the air. Now if only 'Little Thor' was coming to IMAX 3D like his superhero namesake.

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Thor arrives in theaters next month on May 6th.

Source: Marvel

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