Twilight Director To Helm 'Gothic' Little Red Riding Hood

Variety is reporting that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has signed on to helm Warner Bros./Appian Way's new gothic take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. The Girl With The Red Riding Hood already has Orphan scribe David Johnson on-board as the screenwriter, and the film is said to be a retelling of the classic children's tale, with a teenage love triangle at its center.

I wonder what series of films that premise can be found in...

Not much is known about the project other than that it will be a gothic retelling of the classic fairytale. One of the studios bringing us Riding Hood is Appian Way, which is co-owned by Leonardo DiCaprio. As /Film notes, they announce new projects pretty frequently and this one just slides in as another one of those in the works. In other words: unless the project is fast-tracked, we may not see it on the big-screen all that soon.

Hardwicke is in high demand as a director right now, being attached to Hamlet, 21 Jump Street, If I Stay and Maximum Ride. Her previous directing credits, along with the aforementioned Twilight, include Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown and The Nativity Story.

The "Little Red Riding Hood" story has had many-an-interpretation over the years, with probably the most famous being by the Brothers Grimm. I'm interested to see what WB and Appian are going to ultimately bring us with this gothic take on the tale (there was already one in the early '80s)- it's certainly a story that can be looked at from a lighthearted point of view, as well as a dark one. We'll have to wait and see if the potential of the latter is fulfilled.

What do you think of Hardwicke signing on to direct this project?

The Girl With The Red Riding Hood is currently in the development stages and doesn't have a release date yet.

Source: Variety (thanks to /Film)

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