International Trailer For 'Little Fockers'

New Poster for Little Fockers

Jokes about the "innately hilarious" last name of Greg Focker (played by Ben Stiller) never felt more tired than they do in the international trailer for the third film in the Meet the Parents series, Little Fockers.

Little Fockers finds Robert De Niro once again in the role of Jack Byrnes, Greg's domineering father-in-law.  The aging Jack is ready to pass on his "head patriach" duties to the hapless Greg and make him the new - you guessed it - Godfocker.  But with the whole family getting together to celebrate the Focker twins' birthday, Greg once again finds himself unable to maintain even the semblance of dignity when his relatives are in the room.

Reprising their roles from the previous Meet the Parents films are Teri Polo, Owen Wilson, Barbara Streisand, and possibly Dustin Hoffman.  Newcomers include Laura Dern as a family therapist, Jessica Alba as a pharmaceutical company representative, and Harvey Keitel as... someone only important enough to have shown up briefly in the teaser trailer.

The previous Meet the Parents movies relied heavily on physical - often outright gross - comedy gags and sitcom humor to entertain the moviegoing masses, and Little Fockers looks like it will be no exception.  Is that a good thing?  Just check out the international trailer below and find out:

Judging by this trailer alone, Little Fockers looks to be mildly annoying at best, painfully unfunny at worst.  The jokes are lame, the timing is off, and the actors all seem to be going through the motions - as though they are just as tired of these movies as those in the viewing audience.

Paul Weitz (American Pie) replaced Jay Roach (Dinner For Schmucks) as the director for the latest Meet the Parents movie, but has seemingly brought nothing new to the table.  Whether or not the majority of paying moviegoers are through with the comedy franchise remains to be seen.

Little Fockers arrives in theaters in the U.S. on December 22nd, 2010.

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