Little Evil Trailer: Adam Scott Is The Antichrist's Step Dad

Adam Scott Little Evil

Netflix has shared the first trailer for the upcoming horror comedy Little Evil. From Santa Clarita Diet to this new film, Netflix is telling scary stories that make viewers laugh.

Starring Evangeline Lilly and Adam Scott, the film asks the very common question: What's it like to be the stepdad to the antichrist? While that may seem like a fairly outlandish setup for a film, it also works as a pretty great metaphor for the stress that comes along with being a step parent.

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The film's first trailer plays up these concerns by putting Scott in a series of worrisome situations with his character's new stepson, Lucas, before finally questioning his wife about the boy's conception, and finding out she used to be in a cult during what she describes as her "crazy phase". Naturally, the concerns about the boy progress throughout the trailer, with his mother seemingly not bothered by his antics or the fact that he's dressed like Damien from The Omen films.

Adam Scott Little Evil

Little Evil hails from Tucker & Dale Vs Evil director Eli Craig, and also stars Donald Faison, Chris D'Elia, Brad Williams, Bridget Everett, Clancy Brown, Marcus Tyrell Smith, and Tyler Labine. The trailer is surprisingly funny for such dark material; demonic children and the antichrist are usually reserved for jumpscares like the highly successful Annabelle:Creation or any number of films and books by Stephen King.

This is a surprisingly fresh take on an old trope. Little Evil has everybody recognizing that while children can be holy terrors there may be something special about Lucas worth investigating. Lilly is pitch-perfect as the mother who sees nothing wrong with her child (as mothers do) and Scott's cohorts deliver some hilarious lines about more of those horror tropes that the movie seems content to lampoon.

Lampooning these tropes is a bit of a gamble but if anyone can do it it's the director behind the hilarious Tucker & Dale Vs Evil.  Dark comedy is never out of fashion so long as it's done well, and it's refreshing to see Little Evil find a good balance of both its comedic and horror elements. Let's hope the film is a return to form for Eli, and another chance for Scott to show off his comedic chops.

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Little Evil is expected to hit Netflix in 2017.

Source: Netflix

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