Listen To The Voice Of Gambit - Did They Get It Right?

The official site for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been updated and it features some profiles of a few of the main characters, including everyone’s favorite Ragin’ Cajun.

The site doesn't have much yet but it still will take a while to load. Each profile has a sound clip of that character talking, which means we get our first ever audio clip of Taylor Kitsch speaking as Gambit.

How does it sound?

Pretty close to that of Tim Riggins, the character Taylor Kitsch plays in the show Friday Night Lights.

It can be found here:

Make sure to let it cycle through all the characters, they all have something pretty cool to say.

The short clip of Gambit emphasizes a dark southern accent with barely a hint of Cajun dialect. There’s also none of his French catch-phrases that Gambit uses in the comics or cartoons but that’s probably because it’s a monologue clip and he’s not speaking to or with another character.

A few days ago, the new Wolverine trailer debuted and it fueled a discussion on the support characters in the movie and how well they will be adapted from the comics to the film. With a focus on Deadpool and Cyclops, most of the discussion was centered on Gambit and I even included a checklist of key Gambit characteristics that should be included in the movie.

The one thing we had been missing for Gambit all along that was absent from all the trailers thus far was hearing Gambit speak. Because of that, many fears from the fans (including me) were that they had dropped his Cajun accent entirely.

Does this revelation of his voice answer our questions and satisfy our expectations of this key X-Men character? It's hard to tell with only this.

What do you think?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine this theaters May 1, 2009.

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