Stephen King Adaptation Lisey's Story Adds Clive Owen to Cast

Clive Owen and Julianne Moore in Children of Men

Clive Owen is set to join Julianne Moore in the cast of Lisey’s Story, Apple’s limited-series Stephen King adaptation. Apple is ramping up the content factory for their upcoming streaming service Apple TV+, and like everyone else they are jumping on the King bandwagon. King’s works have indeed helped propel the success of other services like Netflix, which recently debuted an adaptation of King and his son Joe Hill’s In the Tall Grass, and Hulu which is set to premiere the second season of the King-derived horror series Castle Rock.

Back in April, it was revealed that King's Lisey's Story would be adapted at Apple TV+, with Moore in the lead and J.J. Abrams producing. Most importantly perhaps, it was also reported that King himself would write all eight of the series’ episodes (King normally stays hands-off when it comes to adaptations of his works, so it’s something of a big deal that he’s directly involved with this one). Published in 2006, Lisey’s Story concerns the widow of a famous novelist, who during the process of boxing up her dead husband’s belongings begins recalling long-repressed memories that force her to confront the strange truth about the man to whom she was once married.

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As reported by Deadline, Oscar-nominee Owen has now joined Moore in the cast of Lisey’s Story. Owen will play Scott Landon, Lisey’s deceased husband, whose own story figures heavily in the novel (indeed, the story proceeds on parallel tracks, as Lisey slowly recalls the truth about Scott and his strange supernatural powers).

Clive Owen The Knick Cinemax

The addition of Owen certainly gives Lisey’s Story a heavy-hitting pair of lead actors, and also represents a reunion for Owen and Moore, who starred together in Alfonso Cuarón's Oscar-nominated 2006 film Children of Men. An Oscar nominee himself for 2004’s Closer, Owen can currently be seen on the big screen opposite Will Smith (and Will Smith) in Ang Lee’s action epic Gemini Man. Lisey’s Story marks Owen’s first major small screen role since he received critical acclaim for playing the crazily inventive (and just plain crazed) early 20th Century surgeon John Thackery in Steven Soderbergh’s The Knick.

As the top-notch cast indicates, Apple TV+ is banking on Lisey’s Story being more than just your usual horror series. With Moore and Owen on board, the show feels like more of a prestige affair, and indeed the story has the makings of a harrowing drama that may garner attention when it comes time to hand out Golden Globes and Emmys. And of course, King fans should be drawn to the show knowing that King himself was involved in writing all the episodes. Though it seems the world of media should have already reached a saturation point with King, that is clearly not yet the case.

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Lisey's Story does not yet have a premiere date from Apple TV+.

Source: Deadline

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