New The Lion King TV Spot Reveals Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow

The Lion King gets a new TV spot that reveals tickets go on sale tomorrow. Though the summer movie season is still in its early stages, there have already been a few sizeable hits. So far, Avengers: Endgame has performed the best among this summer’s expected blockbusters, but Disney’s remake of The Lion King has yet to roar.

As of this writing, there are indeed high hopes for the remake, with long range tracking predicting the biggest opening weekend of any of Disney’s live action remakes. That’s being modest in the eyes of many, as The Lion King and its star studded cast could possibly be expected to rule not just its opening weekend, but also the rest of the summer, delivering a box office tally that exceeds even that of Endgame. What's been one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time has also gone on to become the highest-grossing Broadway show (musical or otherwise) of all time. And with that kind of obvious love for the story and its characters, it’s possible that this summer could mark the year that the photo-realistic adaptation of The Lion King becomes the highest-grossing film of all time.

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With The Lion King’s release date now less than a month away, a new TV spot has arrived which reveals that advance tickets for the likely blockbuster go on sale tomorrow. The spot offers up some of the film’s stunning animation and teases highlights, all to the tune of the revamped Beyoncé and Donald Glover version of Elton John’s Grammy and Oscar-winning Can You Feel The Love Tonight. Check out the full TV spot via Disney’s YouTube channel below:

So far for Disney, the plan to adapt some of their most iconic animated films hits into live-action versions is working out superbly. After the widely acclaimed success of Jon Favreau’s adaptation of The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast followed to even greater acclaim, and the successful arrival of Aladdin late this spring surprised many who had written it off far too early on. Of course, not every classic animated Disney title has fared as well as a live-action remake, with Tim Burton’s Dumbo having underwhelmed audiences and critics alike. Still, even with the odd stutter here and there - and with a lengthy list of live-action adaptations still on their way, Disney is playing a game that it knows it can win. The Lion King’s arrival should further underscore that point, while building an entire new generation of fans in the process.

The concept of breathing new life into titles that were thought to have already had their day in the spotlight may seem like a new twist for Disney, but the truth is, they’ve been doing it for some time now. As far back as the mid-1990’s, titles like 101 Dalmatians and The Jungle Book were already being given the live-action treatment, though today’s technology far surpasses what came before, making things more exciting and immersive. Judging by what we’ve seen so far from the upcoming The Lion King, it looks like Disney is about to push things forward yet again, proving that whether through animation or live-action, The House of Mouse just can't wait to be king.

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Source: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube

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