The Lion King Trailer Breakdown: Every Live-Action Shot Compared To Animation

The Presentation of Simba

Of course the presentation of Simba had to be shown in The Lion King trailer - it's one of the most beloved moments in the whole of Disney history. It's been reproduced remarkably faithfully for live-action, right down to the same unimpressed expression on Simba's face as he's held over the edge of Pride Rock and sees a mass of strange creatures below him.

The Animals Bow

After the future King is presented, the animals bow. Notice that, in The Lion King 2019, the bowing of the animals is less pronounced; a cartoon can get away with exaggerated bowing, including from some creatures whose bodies aren't really designed for that. The live-action remake doesn't have the same degree of freedom. As before, Favreau's version has the animals intermingling a lot more - there's a single shot showing giraffes, zebras, antelopes, a rhino, and elephants in the background.

Simba Presented On Pride Rock

It's time for another wide shot of Pride Rock, showing the multitude of animals who have come to celebrate the birth of Simba. To cap off the accuracy, The Lion King trailer even recreates the same zoom out.

One detail is missing from the remake, however: the clouds parting and a sunbeam falling upon the cub as he is held aloft in Rafiki's arms. That's probably because Favreau found that aspect a little unrealistic and chose not to have the sky be quite so overcast (which also allowed for greater use of the sun during those sequences).

The Logo

As in the 1994 movie, The Lion King trailer then smash cuts to the title. However, the two logos, while sharing some qualities, are rather different. The modern version features wider lettering, allowing for a beautiful weathered effect. The change in colorscheme is interesting, but it makes sense; again, it contributes to the feeling that these words are carved in stone. All in all, this new logo emphasizes once again that the film is a homage to the Disney classic, but also reassures viewers that it will be a new experience.

The Part Skies At The End Of The Lion King

The final part of The Lion King trailer takes us to the very end of the movie; while many may suspect this is the scene where the ghost of Mufasa visits his son, it's actually from the end of the film when the clouds part following Scar's defeat. This is where Mufasa departs, telling his son "remember".

The moment is fairly well recreated, with one difference: it's not raining. Based on the next shot, that suggests a visually divergent finale.

The Adult Simba

The Lion King trailer ends with a brief glimpse of the adult Simba, who steps up to Pride Rock and roars to declare that the King has returned. It's a stunning moment, filled with power and emotion, and is perhaps the best show that the remake is nailing the most important aspects of the original.

Perhaps the most interesting difference here is the color of Simba's mane; rather than the dramatic, exaggerated red of 1994, Favreau has gone for more realistic, natural colors. That's perfectly in keeping with the approach he's been going for across The Lion King trailer.

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