Hugh Jackman is Not Playing Scar In Lion King Remake [Updated]

It appears that Hugh Jackman has joined the cast of The Lion King as Scar. Jackman has just recently retired his Adamantium Wolverine claws for good, after his swan song Logan hit theaters earlier this year. With his career defining role now behind him, he is looking to beef up his schedule - that currently includes The Greatest Showman hitting theaters later this year. While his open schedule likely won't see him join the MCU, it has allowed him to rejoin the Disney family in another way.

Jon Favreau's live-action remake of Lion King continues to move forward by assembling its cast ahead of a 2019 release. Most recently, John Oliver joined as Zazu, the advisor for the king. Thanks to the story of Lion King, this means he winds up spending a good deal of time with the big bad, Scar, and Jackman is now set to take on the role.

Omega Underground has revealed that Jackman has joined the cast as Scar. This does ultimately mean that Jeremy Irons will not return in the role that he made famous in the original animated feature, but Jackman is a worthy successor. This casting also reveals why Jackman posted this cryptic tweet yesterday. With Disney's live-action panel at D23 set to begin any moment, this could be confirmed very quickly.

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