Lion King: Beyonce is First Choice to Voice Nala

Grammy award-winning singer Beyonce is reportedly the top choice to voice Nala in Jon Favreau's live-action remake of The Lion King.

Lion King Beyonce Nala

Disney is currently running through all of their animated classics and giving them a live-action update that is now possible thanks to advancements in visual effects, and the fact that they know people will turn out in large crowds to see them. Maleficent and Cinderella both proved there was an audience for this, but it has been The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beasts' recent box office domination that has shown that no property, no matter how beloved, will be deterred from being successful.

One of the next remakes for the studio will bring The Lion King to life in a "live-action" format that will really be fully CGI. Jon Favreau is set to direct the film after Jungle Book grossed over $1 billion worldwide, and has already cast a few notable stars in leading roles. However, if he gets his choice, one of the biggest celebrities will lend her voice to Nala.

Variety is reporting that Grammy award-winning singer Beyonce is Favreau's top choice to voice the role. While Beyonce has not yet decided whether or not she will do it, as she is currently pregnant with twins, Favreau reportedly will do whatever it takes to get her involved, including shifting her voice recording schedule.

As it appears this is a casting choice Favreau intends to make no matter what hoops production must jump through, it would be quite surprising for this deal not to fall into place eventually. Should she officially join the project, Beyonce would join fellow artist Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino as Simba. The movie will also see James Earl Jones reprise his role as Mufasa, which he voiced in the original animated movie.

Being able to add Beyonce to a film that already has a number of stars would be a great get for the project. Some may have been pessimistic about the news originally, but the talent involved is impossible to not recognize. Even though there has so far not been any word on whether or not this version will incorporate music, the thought of Glover and Beyonce singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" is already something to get most excited.

This would also mark Beyonce's first movie role since 2013's Epic - also a voice role - and with her music career still turning out award-winning albums and singles, it would be easy for her to say no to this role and continue on. However, the track record with these live-action remakes may have helped sway things Disney's way, especially if she also gets the chance to sing in the movie. After all, it would be a big missed opportunity to cast Beyonce and not let her sing, or create an original song for the soundtrack only. Either way, this (hopeful) addition to The Lion King is extremely exciting, so now it's up to Beyonce to officially agree to join.

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Source: Variety

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