The Lion King: 10 Times Nala Proved She Should Be King

Nala is is a much more intelligent and leader-worthy than Simba, and here are 10 times she proved that she should be king of the Pride Lands

We all know the original, classic Disney animated film The Lion King. In fact, it's the basis of the newest live-action remake that we've received from our friends at Disney. Having our favorite childhood film come to life was breathtaking, and the movie is pretty much a shot for shot with the original.

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However, in giving it a thorough watch, you might realize that Nala is actually the soul reason that Pride Rock doesn't burst into fiery flames for the rest of eternity. In fact, she's much more intelligent and leader-worthy than Simba. Don't believe us? Here are 10 times that Nala proved that she should be Queen. Who needs a King, anyways?

10 When Her Courage Isn't Blinded By Pride

At the beginning of the film, you know, when Simba takes Nala on an adventure to the shadowy place that little cubs should never go to? Nala is eager to go along, showing she's pretty brave. However, when they arrive at the elephant graveyard, and it's pretty clear it's dangerous, Nala isn't afraid to say they made it, but should turn back.

Simba is so blinded by his pride that his "courage" actually just becomes stupidity. A good leader wouldn't take unnecessary risks, nor feel the need to "prove" themselves in such a manner. One point for Nala.

9 When She Doesn't Really Want a King

When Zazu breaks the news to the cute little cubs that they will probably be betrothed one day, Nala is just as disgusted as Simba. Sure, this may be because she doesn't put herself above Simba, but it definitely evens the playing field.

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Nala doesn't need no lion in her life, and she's pretty tough all by herself. She probably has to give birth to the next King or Queen, but this independent little cub has us all catching that feminism wave.

8 When She Refuses to Accept Their Fate

However, Nala refuses to accept that Scar will keep Pride Rock while it is in total disarray, so she flees the rock to search for help. That's way more than anyone else ever did.

7 When She's Actually Sneaky (and Succeeds)

Simba isn't known for his stealth. Sure, technically, female lions are the hunters of the group, but this is a fictional movie about talking/singing animals. If anything, that only proves that Nala should be in charge even more.

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When she decides to leave Pride Rock, we see her very brilliantly and very sneakily evade Scar and trick him into not noticing her leaving. On the other hand, Simba has been chasing bugs? Well, then, Nala kind of tries to hunt Timon and Pumbaa, but that's just pretty cool, right?

6 When She Pins Simba Down (Again)

When they're cubs, Nala usually wins in her little brawls with Simba (which annoys the future king). However, when they meet again, they fight because they do not recognize each other right away. Once again, Nala pins Simba to the ground, then quickly realizes that it is in fact Simba.

But seriously, aren't the male lions supposed to protect the female lions? If Nala has the brains (which we already determined), and if she can also beat Simba in a brawl, why do we need Simba again? She can clearly hold her own, as a rightful Queen should.

5 When She Leaves Simba In the Jungle

After she miraculously finds Simba in the jungle and explains the horrors happening in Pride Rock, Simba doesn't really care. He's so beat up and caught up in his own emotions that he doesn't think he can help at all.

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Nala finds this absolutely ridiculous, and calls him out for it. However, she also realizes that this lion isn't going to make any change at Pride Rock with that kind of attitude. So what does she do? She leaves him and heads back to Pride Rock to do it herself.

4 When She Doesn't Need Any Encouragement

Without any encouragement, Nala knows that the pride needs help. I mean... duh, right? Well, Simba clearly doesn't, or he just doesn't really care. We go through that heartfelt scene that we all love where Simba sees his fathers's reflection and then decides he's in fact capable of saving the day. Yes, it's adorable.

However, Nala never once questions her abilities nor does she see any other option than to help out her family. She's admirably selfless, and will do whatever she can to help those in need without anyone pushing her to do so.

3 When She Doesn't Lose Her Head

Simba is known for kind of being a loose cannon. He gets angry, upset, and, well, flees pretty easily. Even when he's fighting Scar, he lets his emotions get the best of him and his anger takes over.

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Sure, it works out in the end, but is someone who blows their lid every 30 minutes really a good leader? Probably not. In fact, Nala is actually pretty darn good at keeping her cool, regardless of the kind of crap Simba and Scar throw at her.

2 When She Joins the Fight

Nala is more than capable of holding her own, and we see her clearly do so in the final scenes where Simba takes on Scar. While he's all high and mighty fighting his traitorous old uncle, but Nala is taking on hyena after hyena, and looking for no credit in doing so.

Actually, she beats up a good chuck of Scar's hyena army. Truth be told, we think that she achieved a much bigger feat than Simba did in the battle for Pride Rock. She definitely could've taken Scar one-on-one.

1 When She Doesn't Expect Any Glory

Nala is the sole reason that Simba returns to Pride Rock, defeats Scar, and turns their home back into a blissful paradise. What does she do afterwards? She stands back and lets Simba roar at the edge of a rock, staying back because she knows that this turn of events was her doing.

A leader who doesn't seek glory and praise is hard to come by, and we're wondering why Nala wasn't roaring as king. Nala is our Queen, and may she go down as one of the most badass female characters Disney has ever brought us.

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