The Lion King Live-Action Trailer Releases TODAY


The Lion King remake trailer is confirmed to release today by young Simba actor, JD McCrary (via Instagram).

The Lion King trailer could arrive this Thursday on Thanksgiving. Disney' live-action remake of the 1994 classic is quickly approaching its July 2019 release date and fans of the animated classic are eager to see the first trailer. Jon Favreau was selected to direct The Lion King after turning The Jungle Book into a near billion dollar movie for the Mouse House. The studio has breathed new life into several animated features in recent years, such as Beauty and the Beast, and has repeatedly found an impressive collection of talent to do so. One of the biggest announcements for the live-action remake of Lion King was the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa.

The entirely CGI created film will see Donald Glover voice the lead role of Simba, while Beyoncé is set to play Nala. The award-winning singer is also going to collaborate with Elton John on a new song for the remake. The Lion King's production schedule wasn't as easy to track due to its VFX heavy nature and only requiring voice work from its cast members, but Favreau and his cast have been working on Lion King for months. However, no trailer for The Lion King has been released online, but we may be able to predict when that will change.

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Thanks to the film's summer 2019 release date, it has been expected that The Lion King trailer would arrive before the end of the year at least. Disney has Mary Poppins Returns hitting theaters right around Christmas and would no doubt love to have a trailer for a highly anticipated film attached to it. The Lion King fits this bill, but Disney also likes to release trailers online a few days (at the very least) before they are shown in theaters. But, since Disney appears to be clearing the way of any other trailer that isn't Avengers 4, it's possible that The Lion King trailer arrives as soon as Thanksgiving. It would make sense for the trailer to arrive in the next few days, allowing for it to gain traction online during the holiday weekend, and then be available to be attached to the entire slate of December releases.

Disney's most recent live-action remake trailers belong to the second trailer for Dumbo and the teaser trailer for AladdinDumbo received its first teaser in the middle of June, roughly nine months before the movie will hit theaters (next March). The teaser for Aladdin came in October, which is just seven months away from its May 2019 release. We are currently right in the middle of that window with eight months to go before Lion King is available in cinemas. This is why anytime from now till a week or so before Mary Poppins Returns is released appears to be the realistic window for the first Lion King trailer to arrive, with our prediction leaning on it coming sooner rather than later.

Since Disney already showed the recreated Circle of Life opening to crowds at D23 last summer, it wouldn't be too surprising if this was the entire trailer. That scene is one of the original film's most iconic moments and recreating it would allow the movie to show how it is sticking close to the source material while still highlighting the impressive visuals. The one reason they could go in a different direction with the Lion King trailer would be to utilize the voice talent. The cast also includes Chiwetel Ejiofor, Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, and more, so it'd be understandable if Disney wants to sell the movie on a mixture of nostalgia, visuals, and the all-star cast. Whether the trailer arrives in a matter of days or a few weeks from now, the first trailer for The Lion King is surely on the way.

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