Here's A Photo Of The Lion King Cast & Jon Favreau At Work

A behind-the-scenes photo from Disney's upcoming live-action remake of The Lion King has been shared by director Jon Favreau. The film, first officially announced in 2016, is just one of several remakes of animated classics on the Disney film docket. After the moderate success of films such as The Jungle Book (which was also directed by Favreau), the studio has continued to churn out remakes of its most successful properties.

The Lion King, which came out in 1994, is one of the most beloved of these classic children's films. The tale of a lion cub, Simba, who runs away after his father is killed and the creatures he befriends along the way is loosely based on Othello, but has perhaps become best known for its Oscar-winning soundtrack scored by Hans Zimmer (who's also on board this time around). The remake has attracted a lot of big talent, and, with the film less than a year away, anticipation is mounting.

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Now, Favreau has released an image from backstage. In it, he and three other bearded men stand in a recording booth: Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, and Billy Eichner. Rogen and Eichner have been confirmed to be voicing Simba's pals Pumbaa and Timon, who are a warthog and a meerkat, respectively. As for Glover, he's the star of the show, playing Simba. Glover is even giving a shout out to the studio, wearing a sweater featuring the Disney character who shares his first name, Donald Duck.

As exciting as the image is, it's not the first Favreau has given fans. Last year, in December, he shared a photo with just Glover and himself, along with the text "Simba returns!" This past summer, fans were treated to a host of images that were of an animatronic Mufasa; however, they were misattributed, actually belonging to a German creature designer. Since the movie doesn't hit theaters for quite some time, though, it might be awhile before fans get a first look at the CGI characters.

But Disney fans could be in for plenty more surprises over the next several months prior to the film's summer 2019 release. The star-studded cast, which also includes Chiwetel Ejiofor as the evil uncle Scar, Alfre Woodard as Simba's mother, Sarabi, and James Earl Jones reprising his role from the animated flick as Mufasa, chances are Favreau (or others) will share a glimpse of them recording their lines at some point. For now, fans will have to patiently await the first teaser trailer.

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