Rumor Patrol: Lindsay Lohan Could Star In Superman Reboot

Before anyone's head explodes, please allow us to reiterate: Lindsay Lohan has apparently been in talks with Zack Snyder and his Superman: Man of Steel crew for a few weeks now and could be a contender to star in the film - but not as the object of Supe's affection, Lois Lane.

Reps for the (put mildly) troubled 24-year-old actress say that Lohan is up to play a different "major character" in the Superman reboot, possibly the film's other significant female player, rumored to be the Kryptonian villainess, Ursa.

TMZ is the source of this apparently legitimate story, and were informed that "Lindsay's people" have held several phone conversations with the Man of Steel filmmakers about their client signing on for Kal-El's return to the silver screen. Lohan is reportedly "dying to show people again how talented she is," and that there's more to her life than simply making the tabloids for floating in and out of rehab for drug use and (more recently) possibly becoming a felon due to a grand theft charge.

It's been several years since Lohan was known as the bright-eyed, freckled cutesy girl and star of family-friendly Disney pics like the Freaky Friday remake or the popular high school comedy Mean Girls. Her most recent film, Machete, saw her getting down n' dirty with Danny Trejo and playing an aimless, party-happy gal whose behavior was likely too similar to Lohan's real-life antics for some people's comfort. Could a role in Superman be the starlet's ticket to turning her floundering career around?

Obviously the casting of Lohan in the new Superman movie would be a risky move on Warner Bros.' part, and it'll be pricier for the studio to insure the actress than it would be to hire just about any other under-25-year-old thespian. There's very good reason to be skeptical about this casting possibility, especially given the stature of other actress vying for a Man of Steel role and the fact that studio execs are undoubtedly very nervous about stirring up any negative buzz around an expensive, F/X heavy franchise title like this. Not to mention - would Lohan as Ursa or another Superman character even work?

With Henry Cavill already cast as Superman, look to hear some more official casting news about Superman: Man of Steel soon. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts about Lohan (and as always, keep them civil) with us in the comments section below.

Source: TMZ (via Cinematical)

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