Lindsay Lohan Joins Mafia Pics, 'Gotti' & 'Mob Street'

Lindsay Lohan's name has been synonymous with legal problems and controversy for quite a while now. Just yesterday her acting career was seemingly dealt another blow after reports came in that she had failed to secure a deal to appear in the Mafia drama Gotti: Three Generations, which recently lost its director, Nick Cassavettes, as well.

Jump ahead to the present and not only is Lohan now officially signed on for the Gotti family biopic, she's also secured a deal to star in another true-story crime drama, titled Mob Street. If nothing else, I guess that means we can at last lay those Lohan/Man of Steel rumors to rest.

Fiore Films has issued a press release revealing that Lohan is now set to star in Three Generations as Kim Gotti, wife of John Gotti. Jr., and daughter-in-law to infamous Mafia boss John "The Dapper Don" Gotti Sr. (John Travolta). Joe Pesci will also be appearing in the film, which focuses primarily on the relationship between Gotti. Sr. and Jr. after the former rises to power as head of the Gambino crime family in the late 1980s.

Similar to how the Gotti flick was scripted by Leo Rossi - an actor who's made a career out of playing criminals and immoral types - Mob Street was penned by Chazz Palminteri, an Oscar-nominated veteran of such gritty crime pics like A Bronx Tale or The Usual Suspects. Also like Rossi, Palminteri has poked fun at his classic Mafia figure screen persona before, in films like Analyze This or Bullets Over Broadway.

Here is an official synopsis for Mob Street (or Mob $treet, as it's called here):

Based on a true story, MOB $TREET provides insight into the American financial world of the mid-1990's. Unbeknownst to the FBI, the Italian Mafia was running Wall Street. Former mob hit men were residing at some of the most prestigious addresses in the world on Wall Street. They lived like movie stars, drinking Cristal and walking arm in arm with the most beautiful women in the world. Money, sex, cars, yachts, magnificent mansions, and beach homes were at their disposal. Until everything came crashing down and becomes MOB $TREET.

Getting back to Lohan: it was only five or six years ago when she was still the rising starlet of popular family-friendly fare like Herbie: Fully Loaded or working with directors like Robert Altman on A Prairie Home Companion; not to mention, her previous success in flicks like Mean Girls or Freaky Friday. In those days, Lohan was generally known for being a cute, freckled red-head actress with charisma to boot; fast-forward to 2011 and it seems like most everyone thinks of her solely as a drug addict and star of shlockfests like I Know Who Killed Me.

Both Gotti: Three Generations and Mob Street have promise (if only because of the subject matter and the writers behind them), and could provide Lohan the opportunity to get her personal and professional lives back in order. Regardless of whether or not you think she deserves that opportunity, she has it now - so here's to hoping she actually takes advantage of it.

Gotti: Three Generations is expected to begin shooting on location in New York this fall, with a late 2012 release date in mind. Expect to hear about a new director signing on in the relatively near future.

Mob Street is also slated to film in New York soon. IMDb currently lists its release date as November 15th, 2011, but that is presumably no longer the case. We'll keep you posted on the status of the project as more information is made available.

Source: Fiore Films

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