Lindsay Lohan Closing Deal To Join Gotti Biopic? [Updated]

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly on the verge of signing on for 'Gotti: Three Generations' alongside John Travolta. Does that mean we can lay the 'Superman: Man of Steel' rumors to rest?

[Update: Lohan couldn't reach a deal with the filmmakers. See post for details.]

While she's not in rehab (for the time being), Lindsay Lohan is nonetheless at risk of being convicted for grand theft in the near future. That hasn't prevented the troubled actress from seeking out her next film role, and she's reportedly close to accomplishing that task by signing on for Gotti: Three Generations.

Lohan's name popped up in connection to Superman: Man of Steel recently as well, which begs the question: if the actress does join the cast of the Gotti biopic, does that mean she's officially out of contention to appear in the Superman reboot?

TMZ claims that Lohan is in "final talks" for the role of Victoria Gotti in director Nick Cassavettes' Gotti: Three Generations, which recently locked down John Travolta to play John "The Dapper Don" Gotti Sr. The film documents the former Gambino crime family head's rise to power in the mid-1980s, and focuses primarily on the relationship between Gotti Sr. and his son, who has officially given his blessing to the project.

The real Victoria Gotti was born to John Gotti Sr. and Victoria DiGiorgio in 1962, and settled down into a marriage with New York mobster Carmine Agnello around the time that her father took control of the Gambino crime clan. She would eventually go on to become a writer for the New York Post and even starred in the reality television show Growing Up Gotti in 2004.

If nothing else, I suppose playing the Gotti daughter in Three Generations would allow Lohan to get back to being constructive - not to mention, portray a relatively stable character onscreen (which she did not get to do in her last film, Machete). It would at least be a move in a better direction for her.

A lot of you Screen Rant readers have expressed your disappointment at the idea that Lohan could star in Man of Steel - even with current rumors saying that the actress is more likely to play a minor character similar to Eve Teschmacher from the 1978 Superman movie, and not the supposed female villain in the reboot.

However, her potential involvement with Gotti: Three Generations doesn't necessarily guarantee that she's out of the game to join Man of Steel. Lohan's roles in both films would be minor, which allows for more room in her schedule - not to mention, since she is apparently looking to resuscitate her career, Lohan's agents will definitely be pushing for her to land a role in a high-profile comic book movie like Superman. So take all that for what it's worth.

UPDATE: People reports that Lindsay Lohan is officially OUT of Gotti: Three Generations after negotiations between the troubled starlet and the filmmakers stalled. Though Lohan's impending trial may have ultimately played a factor in the actress not getting the role, the producers of the film are claiming (publicly at least) that legal troubles and controversy had nothing to do with the decision.

Said producer Mark Fiore:

"She a wonderful person...Her legal case has nothing to do with it. We just couldn't reach terms.

This is yet another setback for the Gotti biopic: director Nick Casavettes has also left the film, due to "scheduling conflicts."

Gotti: Three Generations should begin production before the year is out. We'll keep you posted on its progress as more information is released.

Source: TMZ

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