Lindsay Lohan Continues Campaigning For Batgirl Role

A little over a week after Lindsay Lohan started her social media campaign to play Batgirl, the actress has tweeted out a reminder that she's still looking for an opportunity to play Barbara Gordon. At the age of 31, Lohan already has a storied career in Hollywood, from her days as a child actress in the acclaimed remake of the Disney classic The Parent Trap to her teen years in big screen hits Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. From there her career has been up and down, ranging from positive notices in such films as A Prairie Home Companion and Bobby, to off-screen brushes with the law that turned the actress into tabloid fodder.

With her screen credits dropping off considerably in the past five years (apart from her role as a regular in the 2017 British series Sick Note), Lohan has been trying to get her career back on track, and made it quite clear earlier this month that she's aiming high. Tagging Marvel-turned-DC filmmaker Joss Whedon in the tweet, Lohan declared her interest in playing Batgirl, which attracted quite a bit of activity among her Twitter followers.

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Now, nine days after her initial tweet, Lohan got back on the Batgirl trail Monday with another post on her Twitter, this time with a photo of her along with an illustration of the famed DC superhero. Unlike the first tweet, Monday's post had no messages for her followers or Whedon, as she chose instead to let the image of her and Batgirl/Barbara Gordon speak for itself. See the tweet below:

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) January 15, 2018

It's hard to say whether Whedon would actually consider Lohan to play the coveted lead role in Batgirl, especially since he's said in the past that he would consider casting an unknown in the role. And while they're not exactly unknowns or even relative newcomers, the chances of selecting True Grit Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld (who has declared interest in the role) or Evil Dead remake star Jane Levy (who has online support for the role) are probably far greater than selecting someone like Lohan.

That's not to say that Lohan isn't talented – her past work certainly has proven that she certainly is – it's just that with Whedon being the target of criticism for his behind-the-scenes role in Justice League (and unfounded rumors that he was no longer directing Batgirl), hiring somebody as controversial as Lohan is the kind of negative attention that he and DC Films would just as soon avoid.

The other thing to consider is Lohan's motivation behind the Batgirl campaign. If she could go back in time before her career and off-screen troubles, maybe the idea of becoming Batgirl would have been more of a reality. Now, she could very well be using the attention she's getting for declaring her interest in the role just to get back onto other filmmakers' radars in Hollywood. After all, any attention in the movie business, so long as it's positive, is a good thing.

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