Linda Hamilton Confirmed YET AGAIN For 'Terminator Salvation'

If we told you once, we told you twice, and now here it comes a third time: Linda Hamilton will definitely be making an "appearance" in Terminator Salvation.

That "appearance" will be a voice-over, just like we were speculating it would be, back in January. And now the guys over at CHUD have learned from a source close to the film that Hamilton's part has already been recorded into the film and [SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!] it will come during the opening of the film, and be an introduction much in the same vein as the beginning of T2.

The fact that Linda Hamilton passed on T3, but was willing to contribute at all to Terminator Salvation lends the film a certain amount of street cred. All we need now is an appearance by Governor Schwarzenegger; a cameo from Robert Patrick in T5; a thumbs up from James Cameron and maybe confirmation that Edward Furlong is even still alive and Terminator Salvation will have all the street cred it needs to pack theaters on May 22, 2009.

Nah, I'm just kidding. The full trailer and final trailer have sold the film pretty well. This is not a movie to miss.

Does Linda Hamilton's involvement in Terminator Salvation lend any credit to the film and McG, in your opinion? Or are you waiting until you see it to make that call?

Source: CHUD via Slash Film

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