Lin-Manuel Miranda Working on Kingkiller Chronicles Adaptation

Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda working on Disney's Little Mermaid

There's perhaps no hotter name in the entertainment industry right now than Lin-Manuel Miranda. After winning countless awards and accolades for creating, writing, and starring in Hamilton: An American Musical, the multi-talented creator has gone on to just recently write and compose the music in Disney's Moana, which opened to record-breaking numbers this past Thanksgiving Day weekend. In addition, Miranda has been been cast in Disney's Mary Poppins Returns opposite Emily Blunt (who is playing the eponymous, magical, nanny).

At this point, it seems like the sky's the limit for Miranda, with all the worlds of cinema, television, and musical theater open to whatever it is he wants to do next. Based on a surprising new report, it looks like Miranda has his sights set on helping to bring yet another beloved fictional world to life onscreen.

THR is reporting that Miranda has officially signed on to be a creative producer for Lionsgate's upcoming adaptations of The Kingkiller Chronicles, based on the novels of the same name by Pat Rothfuss. In addition, Miranda is expected to compose and write original songs for the adaptation, with Lindsey Beer (one of the writers who worked on Transformer: The Last Knight) set to write the screenplay for the first movie; itself, an adaptation of Rothfuss' first installment in the original book series, The Name of the Wind.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Working on Kingkiller Chronicles

For those of you who don't know, The Kingkiller Chronicles tells the story of Kvothe, a magically gifted young man and world-famous musician who eventually grows up to be the most notorious magician that his world has ever seen. Since The Name of the Wind's publication in 2007, a second novel has been published, as well as three other novellas. To his credit, Miranda is a self-professed fan of the franchise already, and thanks to the novel's incorporation of music into its story, should make him the right choice to help shepherd the adaptations onto the big screen.

This is certainly an interesting new step for Miranda to take in his career though, working as a creative producer on a film adaptation of a beloved fantasy franchise, rather than just being a straightforward composer, writer, or actor in a project. With that being said, depending on how well The Kingkiller Chronicles adaptation manages to do, this could turn out to be yet another notch in his belt as one of the more versatile and accomplished creative voices working today.

Hollywood is also looking to adapt Miranda's own musicals, with In the Heights just receiving a much-needed boost in development earlier this year, and talk of a Hamilton adaptation constantly running around in the industry. Miranda himself says he wants to wait a few years before bringing the historical musical drama out of the theater, but it sounds like he'll be keeping plenty busy in the meantime.

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Source: THR

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