'Limitless' Super Bowl TV Spot

Limitless movie Bradley Cooper

Neil Burger's upcoming Limitless debuts in a matter of weeks and while there's not been too much marketing or buzz for it, the film's first trailer offered an exciting and promising thriller, with the perfect leading role for star Bradley Cooper.

Limitless is a film about a writer named Eddie Morra (Cooper) who's offered the opportunity to try out MDT, a top-secret drug which unlocks the full potential of his brain, essentially offering him superhuman intelligence and intuition. Confident and cockey, Eddie overcomes writer's block and finishes novel in days, against all expectations of his girlfriend (Abbie Cornish), before moving on to profiting big off the stock market and earning the attention of a ruthless business man (Robert De Niro) who sees to take advantage of Eddie's special skills.

"Become the perfect version" of yourself:


The TV Spot is essentially a sped up version of the full Limitless trailer, with focus on the very important scene at the end when Cooper and De Niro face off. While the marketing so far focuses on the protagonist's ascension to "greatness," with only hints of a hidden conspiracy, the film has a chance to shine in how Cooper's character deals with the aftermath while on the run from hit men and suffering the side effects of the miracle drug.

What would you do when offered such an opportunity?

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Limitless arrives in U.S. theaters on March 18th, 2011.

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