Limetown Exclusive Clip Shows How Even Small Moments Can Be Very Unnerving

John Beasley in Limetown Season 1 Facebook Watch

There are few shows on TV or streaming as unsettling as Facebook Watch’s Limetown, and a new exclusive clip demonstrates the series’ ability to make even the most innocuous of introductions seem somehow disquieting. The hit fiction podcast about the disappearance of an entire town’s population, from creators Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie, disturbed millions of listeners before the series made its way to Facebook’s growing catalog of original content. Though the medium has changed, the tone of the series is well intact, as Limetown continues to unfold its eerily unnerving story week to week. 

The series stars Jessica Biel as Lia Haddock, a devoted journalist whose interest in the Limetown mystery borders on obsessive, though not without good reason. Lia’s not only single-minded in her work, she’s also spurred on by a personal connection to the lives that were presumably lost when the residents of the experimental Limetown disappeared. Her uncle, Emile, played by Stanley Tucci, was not only among the residents of the town, he also played a key role in its creation, and likely knew what was going on there, perhaps even to the extent of knowing what would happen to its residents. 

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It’s all part of a twisting mystery that gets more bizarre the more Lia uncovers the truth. And in an exclusive clip from episode 4, ‘Napoleon,’ audiences get a glimpse at Limetown before the disappearance, when it was just an experiment that sounded a little too good to be true. Check out the clip from ‘Napoleon,’ where Emile introduces himself to the recently widowed Warren Chambers (John Beasley), a large animal vet who’s been tasked with taking care of the pigs in Limetown:

Limetown | Emile Haddock

Dr. Chambers, meet Emile Haddock. Limetown episodes 3 & 4 drop TODAY at 12pm PT / 3pm ET, only on Facebook Watch.

Posted by Limetown on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The importance of Beasley’s Chambers has been hinted at since the beginning of the series, when a mass grave of very large pigs was uncovered in the aftermath of the Limetown disappearance. At that time, it was just another example of how weird and unsettling the situation was. Now it’s time to revisit that moment, as Lia is set to connect with Chambers and finally get his side of the story, one that includes a strange encounter he had with Lia’s uncle Emile. 

In its short run, Limetown has become one of the best shows on Facebook Watch, joining Sorry For Your Loss as reasons why audiences should give the streamer’s original content a try. If nothing else, Limetown will make for a suitably creepy binge come Halloween. 

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Limetown continues with ‘Napoleon’ on Wednesday, October 23 @12pmPT/3pmET.

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