Limetown Exclusive Clip: Jessica Biel Meets A Creepy Stranger In The Season Finale

An exclusive clip from the Limetown season 1 premiere puts Jessica Biel in contact with a source who may know everything, or may be very dangerous.

Jessica Biel in Limetown Season 1 Facebook Watch

An exclusive clip from the season 1 finale of Limetown promises to put Jessica Biel’s Lia Haddock in contact with a source who potentially has the answers she’s looking for, or who may put her in great danger. The mystery series has been one of the best things Facebook Watch has going for it, and as the suspense builds around the confounding circumstances that caused the population of a small town to disappear overnight, the series is sure to close out its first season in as thrilling a way as possible. 

The eerie series made the jump from acclaimed podcast to streaming series this fall, and has since been on a strange and unsettling trip ever since. Series creators Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie have so far managed to deliver a successful adaptation that doesn’t skimp on the mystery or the disquieting atmosphere that made their story so addictive in the first place. Like Amazon’s Homecoming, Limetown seemingly proves two things at the same time: there’s a huge market for fictional podcasts, and those podcasts often make for compelling television. 

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The latter continues to be true as a new exclusive clip from the Limetown season 1 finale, ‘Answers,’ proves. In it Lia is reporting live from a potential meeting with a mysterious someone who not only claims to have answers to the Limetown disappearance, but has physics evidence of who was behind it. But, as the clip demonstrates, nothing is what it seems in the series, and Lia’s source proves to be as unsettling as anything the series has delivered so far. Check out an exclusive clip from the Limetown season 1 finale below:

Limetown | Episode 9 Sneak Peek

Who will Lia talk to next? The last two episodes of Limetown drop TOMORROW at 12pm PT / 3pm ET, only on Facebook Watch.

Posted by Limetown on Monday, November 11, 2019

The woman Lia meets is Limetown’s eerie atmosphere in the body of an unassuming middle-aged woman. It’s part of what makes the series so successful: the idea that there’s something amiss in what should otherwise be fairly normal circumstances. This time, though, the woman seems to know far more than she’s letting on, making her intentions appear sinister. It also doesn’t help that she emerges from a metal door in the sidewalk with an unnatural smile on her face, before inviting Lia to what may or may not be her doom. 

In all, Limetown has succeeded by capitalizing on the same kind of atmosphere and mystery storytelling as The X-Files. So far, those footprints haven’t led the show astray, so hopefully the season 1 finale will leave audiences wanting more. 

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Limetown season 1 ends with ‘Apples and Oranges’ and ‘Answers,’ both of which will be available on Wednesday, November 13 on Facebook Watch.

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