Lily Collins Cast as Tarsem Singh's 'Snow White'

Tarsem Singh has found his "fairest maiden in the land" in the form of actress Lily Collins. The Blind Side starlet has been cast as the lead in the filmmaker's 3D Snow White movie, which was previously referred to as The Brothers Grimm: Snow White but is officially untitled for the time being.

Collins joins recent addition Armie Hammer in the re-imagined fairy tale - with Julia Roberts set to portray Snow White's sinister stepmother and the power-hungry evil queen in Singh's film.

Also the daughter of award-winning musician Phil Collins, the newly minted Snow White actress will be appearing in two films over the next year: this summer's Priest movie and the thriller Abduction opposite Taylor Lautner. Collins is also on-board to appear in The Mortal Instruments, one of numerous upcoming young adult literary adaptations that hopes to become the successor to Lautner's Twilight franchise - as it were.

Singh's take on Snow White finds the titular princess not merely content to lounge about in the woods alongside a pack of dwarfs with colorful personalities, but actively teaming up with the seven short gentlemen on a quest to reclaim her kingdom - after her wicked stepmother murders her father and claims the land as her own.

As a result, it's safe to say that there won't be too much in the way of cutesy animals or song & dance numbers in this version of the fairy tale (a la Walt Disney's classic animated take on Snow White).

Snow White movie Alice in Wonderland producer

Saoirse Ronan (Hanna) was previously rumored as a potential choice to play Miss White in Singh's fable retold, which is scheduled to arrive some six months before Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman. Both these films revise the Grimm siblings' story to present the title character in a more modern light - as a young woman with ambition and desire - beyond her interest in hooking up with a handsome prince.

So far the casting for this new Snow White movie has seemed spot on. Hammer's a natural fit to play a strong and handsome prince, Collins should more than suffice as a lovely but more independent incarnation of the princess archetype, and Roberts is a fitting age and has the right demeanor to be entertaining as an icy queen (no offense intended, naturally). Combine all that with Singh's striking visual style and this could actually be a refashioned fairy tale worth seeing. We'll find out for certain soon enough.

Singh will begin principal photography on his Snow White project this May, with a June 29th, 2012 theatrical release date in mind.

Source: Lily Collins (via Coming Soon)

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