What Happened To Lily After How I Met Your Mother Ended

Alyson Hannigan portrayed Lily Aldrin for all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother. But what happened to the character after the series ended?

Alyson Hannigan

What happened to Lily Aldrin after How I Met Your Mother ended? Lily was played by Alyson Hannigan throughout all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and the final season provided clues into Lily's fate with a number of looks into the future.

Lily was known as the emotional one of the group. She loved her friends dearly, but she was also highly manipulative. Lily craved gossip so she would always know what was going on in the lives of her friends. If she didn't like something, she would go out of her way to change it, even if that meant crossing the lines into someone else's life. She met Ted and Marshall (Josh Radnor and Jason Segel, respectively) in college, and the trio moved to New York City after graduating. Lily and Marshall eventually got married and started a family.

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At the beginning of How I Met Your Mother, Lily was a kindergarten teacher, but she was never truly happy in her career. She jumped around from job to job for a while before realizing her dream of working in the art industry. The Captain (Kyle MacLachlan) offered Lily a job to become his art consultant, but it involved moving to Italy for a year. Lily was reluctant at first, but Marshall urged his wife to accept the job even when it meant putting his own career dreams on hold. Shortly after, Lily and Marshall learned that they were pregnant with their second child. But that wouldn't be the last the Eriksen family expanded.


In the How I Met Your Mother series finale, it was revealed that Lily and Marshall had a third child. Around the same time, Marshall was elected to the New York State Supreme Court as a judge, and Lily was by his side to celebrate. The pair continued to live in New York City to raise their family, insinuating that they remained happily married.

The flash-forward scenes also revealed that the group drifted apart in the years that followed Barney and Robin's (Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders, respectively) wedding. With that said, Lily was present for all of their important life moments, such as when Robin came clean about her divorce, the birth of Barney's daughter, and Ted and the Mother's wedding. As always, Lily would have provided support to her friends no matter how far apart they grew from one another.

In 2029, Marshall was shown opening Lily's death note, causing viewers to momentarily fear the worst. The letter was a fake and Lily caught her husband looking at it early, going against the promise to wait until she was gone. The following year, the longtime couple was shown dropping off their eldest child at Wesleyan University, the same school that Lily and Marshall went to, giving the couple a full circle moment in their How I Met Your Mother journey.

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