Lights Out Trailer #2: Be Afraid of the Dark

Lights Out Still

Based on a fairly straight-forward premise and an award-winning original short film of the same name from 2013, Lights Out is the mainstream theatrical debut from writer/director David F. Sandberg, and is set to star Teresa Palmer (Triple 9), Gabriel Bateman (Annabelle), Alexander DiPersia (Gotham), and Mario Bello (The 5th Wave). Based on an original adapted screenplay by Eric Heisserer (The Thing) that was inspired by Sandberg's initial script, the feature length remake will provide horror genre fans with what appears to be a thoroughly eerie and unsettling cinematic experience.

Following the release of the first official trailer, everything appears to be in place in the delivery of what promises to be one of the more original supernatural thrillers in recent memory. Depicting certain events surrounding a young woman (Palmer) and her younger bother (Bateman) and mother (Bello) who are haunted by a creature who only appears when the lights go out, Sandberg is all set to make a name for himself in a big way when Lights Out sees theatrical release next month.

In the latest theatrical trailer for Lights Out featured above, Sandberg paints quiet the creepy picture of the horror genre events soon to unfold in theaters around the world. Like the first trailer, things don't let up in the latest batch of footage from his feature length version of his original short from 2013 - as the creature that stalks Palmer and the rest of her family shows no signs of letting up and going away without a fight.

Lights Out Still

Given the monumental success of the like-minded haunted house affairs from director James Wan (who produced Lights Out) in the forms of the Insidious and The Conjuring franchises, Lights Out should find plenty of moviegoers willing to entertain its lurid content and jarring material with great excitement and anticipation. In much the same way that Argentinian genre filmmaker Andrés Muschietti found success with his feature length reworking of Mama in 2013, Sandberg should have no problem at all in adapting his original film into a major motion picture spectacle.

Come time of the theatrical release of Lights Out later this July, moviegoers around the world can decide for themselves whether or not Sandberg will prove to be a worthy contemporary to the likes of Wan and Muschietti in kind. Until then, here's to plenty of supernatural terror soon to come at your local multiplex.

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Lights Out will see theatrical release in the U.S. on July 22nd, 2016.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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