FX Throws In The Towel, Cancels 'Lights Out'

Lights Out - Series Premiere

FX is calling it quits for freshman boxing drama Lights Out. The network declined to renew the series in a press release Thursday.

Lights Out received a fair bit of attention from viewers and critics in its opening weeks, due in no small part to a marketing blitz from FX. The show follows Patrick "Lights" Leary, a retired boxer struggling to make ends meet after he's diagnosed with dementia and makes a string of poor decisions.

The loss hurts for FX, who had surely hoped the series would be its next hit, a la Justified (which is rumored to receive a 3rd season order any day now). Months of previews and movie-style trailers gained it initial buzz, but the applause died quickly. Screent Rant's Anthony Ocasio called out "convoluted storytelling and slow pacing" in his review of the Lights Out premiere.

It's a shame that a show with an original hook and worthy cast got overshadowed by dramatic rivals, including The Good Wife and Southland. I'm particularly sad to see Stacy Keach say goodbye to yet another steady television role. But actors alone can't make compelling characters, and one-dimensional writing seemed to be a problem the show couldn't shake.

Patrick Leary - Lights Out

For fans eager to see the season's conclusion, FX is at least allowing Lights Out to exit the ring with dignity. The final two episodes will air in their regular Tuesday night slots next week and the week following.

Like the rest of the cable world, FX is preparing a slew of pilots for possible production in the fall and spring. New shows on tap include Australian import Wilfred, comic book adaptation Powers, an unnamed drama project from David O. Russell and American Horror Story from Nip/Tuck and Glee creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. With all that and returning comedy and drama series all filling the docket, FX had to trim the fat somewhere.

Cue Marlon Brando: it coulda been a contender.


FX will air the last two episodes of Lights Out on Match 29th and April 5 at 10 PM.

Source: TV Line

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