Life: Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal & Rebecca Ferguson Tease Each Other

Life Movie Poster Ryan Reynolds Jake Gyllenhaal Rebecca Ferguson

Sony's upcoming sci-fi flick, Life, hasn't been getting quite the same marketing push as many of the bigger blockbusters set to hit theaters in 2017, although it did get a coveted Super Bowl trailer last month. The sci-fi thriller is set for release in only a few weeks, and tells the story of a space crew who find life on Mars - and get far more than they bargained for with their discovery. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Rebecca Ferguson as the crew attempting to save themselves from a terrifying new threat while in the vastness of space.

Although we have already seen the trailer for Life, the cast are now in full marketing mode, and have a little lighthearted fun in a new rapid-fire Q&A video.

The video, posted by Sony Entertainment on YouTube, is a minute and a half long, and features the three stars of Life answering a series of horror and sci-fi questions. Questions include: "What is Ryan Reynolds' biggest fear?" "Does Rebecca Ferguson believe in aliens?" "Would Jake Gyllenhaal be a good astronaut?" "How would Ryan greet an alien?" and "Which co-star would Rebecca want to be stranded in space with?" 

Life Movie Poster Ryan Reynolds Jake Gyllenhaal Rebecca Ferguson

The video is light and fun, with each of the questions connected (however loosely) to the core premise of Life, and showing the kind of chemistry between the actors that we can look forward to seeing in the film. Some of Reynolds' previous work is also mentioned, with a reference to Buried in response to the question about his biggest fear. Some of the questions are answered quite seriously, but the majority are taken as a chance for the actors to have a laugh with each other while promoting a film that looks like it is going to get very dark.

This is a fun promotional clip, and it does a great job of allowing the actors to talk about the film in a unique way. Fans of Deadpool will also love seeing Reynolds add his particular flair to the proceedings with at least one sexual joke that wouldn't sound strange coming from the Merc with a Mouth himself.

Fans looking forward to Life, however, may be disappointed that this video gives away absolutely nothing about the film itself. Although the questions are sci-fi and fear-themed, they stay far enough away from the actual content of Life that we still have no idea how the team will fare against this new form of intelligent life, or whether any of them will make it out alive.

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Source: Sony Entertainment

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