Why Life Isn't 'Yet Another' Alien Film

Life - Rebecca Ferguson as Miranda North

In Daniel Espinosa’s Life, Rebecca Ferguson plays Dr. Miranda North, who is tasked with studying a sample, which may be the first sign of proof that extraterrestrial life exists.

Screen Rant spoke with Ferguson at press day, where we talked briefly about her attraction to the script, what she thought the most intense scene to shoot was, and her views on whether or not we are closer to finding extraterrestrial life.

What attracted you to the role you had? What did you first think when you first read the script?

Rebecca Ferguson: I was terrified reading the script. It was equally as terrifying as watching the film. I thought, I was a little bit questionable to if I could carry and be a part of a science fiction film. And I remember calling Daniel and asking him, “Why is this going to stand out? Why is this not going to be yet another Alien film?” And then it was ten minutes into the conversation where he broke down the character that he wanted me to play. And he said, “We can take away this extra threat and it’s still a characteristic piece. It doesn’t have to be space, but space becomes yet another isolation of terror.”

It almost felt like, I’m a huge Twilight Zone fan from the ‘60s, so it felt like very much in the same vein of the Twilight Zone. This film had a lot of intensity though. What was the most intense scene for you during shooting?

Rebecca Ferguson: I think many of the sequences where we are moving fast and hiding away, or trying to get away or lure or ensnare this thing that we actually have created. That was quite terrifying and hard because of the harness work and quick movements and trying not to, you know, there are so many marks that we have to get so that we don’t have to fly into the camera or into each other. But actually it was quite a smooth ride. This entire film is nothing compared to what it is like watching it. It’s completely different for me.


Rebecca Ferguson: For me anyway. I have no idea what the other guys are all going to say but, yeah, I felt it was very mellow and calm. And, of course, we had the experiences of the noises, and the shouts, and the terror.

Life - Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson

It didn’t feel like calm.

Rebecca Ferguson: Well, the music that Jon put on, the score that Jan did, sort of adds that element of absolute fear.

Do you believe that we are close to finding aliens and, if we are, does that terrify you now?

Rebecca Ferguson: I don’t know if we are close to. I think what is interesting in this film is how it runs hand in hand in time like sending drones to Mars or finding water on the Moon. But I think we are only scratching the surface of the unknown, hence why this is such a good genre and topic because no one can correct you and say you’re wrong or you’re right. No, it doesn’t terrify me. I think we are quite ignorant as human beings thinking that we would be the only people in the universe.

Oh, absolutely. I completely agree with you on that. I loved you in Mission: Impossible. Absolutely loved you in Mission: Impossible. You absolutely stole the show for me. I know that MI6 is gearing up. Can you tell me a little about that?

Rebecca Ferguson: I can tell you that we are prepping. We are training. There is martial arts. There is pilates going on. The mental knowledge of going to Paris, New Zealand, which will be lovely, and London. And that’s about it.

That’s about it. I’ve seen you now as a spy. I’ve seen you as an astronaut. And pretty soon you’re going to be in the circus in The Greatest Showman. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Rebecca Ferguson: I play Jennie Lind, who is the Swedish Nightingale. And it’s about P.T. Barnum played by Hugh Jackman. And he is the man who created the circus basically.

How exciting.

Rebecca Ferguson: It is! And it’s colorful and it’s a spectacle and the music is so good!

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