Ryan Reynolds Says Life Offers Glimpse Into Future

Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams in Life

In Daniel Espinosa’s Life, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds play Dr. David Jordan and Rory “Roy” Adams respectfully.

Screen Rant spoke with Gyllenhaal and Reynolds at press day, we were discussed what it was like to work with one another, what it would take to get Gyllenhaal in Deadpool 2, and why the sci-fi genre has encountered a resurgence in popularity.

Guys, this movie is terrifying.

Ryan Reynolds: Great!

And I loved it. I loved every second of it. How was it getting to work with each other?

Ryan Reynolds: That’s a good question. Woah! I better be careful here.

Jake Gyllenhaal: What?

Ryan Reynolds: Honest answer right here like, all day we’ve been f***ing around, and I’m now going to be serious.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh, dude! It’s the Television!

Ryan Reynolds: No. No. No. No. No. They are fine. These people are…

Jake Gyllenhaal: Okay. Oh, it’s the Internet! Or whatever. Okay. F**k it. Good.

Ryan Reynolds: Screen Rant just consists of heathens.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh, that’s true. That’s true.

Ryan Reynolds: I love this person as an artist. Like, I truly am genuinely a biggest fan. And I think he is one of those irreplaceable actors that we have and that we are very lucky to have. And then to get to work with him is a special treat for me considering he is also my friend, but I also get to be up close and personal with that. And that was pretty awesome. That doesn’t always happen, you know?

Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams in Life

Of course.

Ryan Reynolds: So, it’s like one of those milestones. You go, “Oh, I get to work with someone I admire. Someone who does things that I wish I could do.”

Jake Gyllenhaal: It felt like blasphemy that we were having such a good time. It literally felt wrong that you could have so much fun making a movie that is as terrifying as it is.

Ryan Reynolds: 1/10 of the budget was wasted on us just laughing. Just laughing.

Jake Gyllenhaal: It’s absolutely true.

Just a bunch of clips of you guys laughing.

Ryan Reynolds: No, there were times that the producers had to go, “Separate them. Now.” to the director. And he would be like, “Okay. You guys just go in separate ways for awhile. Take a breather.”

Jake Gyllenhaal: We are the kids that were kicked out and put in the hallway.

Ryan Reynolds: 100%.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Absolutely. Cause I was the kid. I was alone. Then I realized that there were only probably 10 other people who became in the actors in the world. You were one of those kids in Canada…

Ryan Reynolds: Canada, no. I just politely asked to leave.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Okay. Can you go outside?

Ryan Reynolds: Oh, I would love to. Thank you.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Sorry.

Ryan Reynolds: Thank you very much.

So was this more Twilight Zone or glimpse of the future for you?

Ryan Reynolds: I would say glimpse to the future just because this is so probable. I mean, I don’t think it’s unlike that, I think it is actually probable that we’ll one day discover this. I think it’s future generations, but I still think that we are closer than we think to that.

Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan in Life

You know, that’s exactly my biggest fear with aliens is exactly what happened in this film. It was like read and pulled out of my brain.

Ryan Reynolds: When you are finding frozen water on planets, also known as –

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal: Ice.

Ryan Reynolds: You have a pretty good chance…

Jake Gyllenhaal: He was like, “We found a frozen water…”

Ryan Reynolds: It’s like water, but so cold. It’s holding still.

Jake Gyllenhaal: I’m pretty sure that’s called ice.

You guys got to take this on the road. I love it.

Jake Gyllenhaal: In a solid form.

Ryan Reynolds: In a solid form. Yeah. And it also makes a cocktail delightful.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Also known as my personality.

Ryan Reynolds: Yeah. [laughs]

Ryan, I got a question for you. What’s it going to take to get Jake in Deadpool 2 or X-Force?

Ryan Reynolds: What’s it going to take me to get into Zodiac 2?

There you go!

Ryan Reynolds: Or Zodiac 3?

Jake Gyllenhaal: The third one is 7 ½ hours long.

Ryan Reynolds: I’m okay actually. I don’t need to be in that. That’s okay.


Jake Gyllenhaal: Ryan and I are doing a remake of Little Dorrit. Do you know that?

No, I am not familiar with that. [laughs]

Ryan Reynolds: Little Dorrit?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Yeah, it’s…[mumbles]

Ryan Reynolds: Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds in Little Women.

Jake Gyllenhaal: [deep voice] Little Dorrit.

Ryan Reynolds: Rated R!

Jake Gyllenhaal: It f***ing better be.

Life - Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams

All: [laughs]

The resurgence of sci-fi films are coming back. We’ve had Interstellar

Jake Gyllenhaal: Serious. Serious stance.

Ryan Reynolds: Yeah. Woah. He’s about to give you a serious answer. I know because left leg over right. Right leg over left is a whole other deal.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Yeah. Like you know when you…

Ryan Reynolds: Mr. Charlie Rose, I’m glad you asked me that. Um, let’s get into that right now.

I did have a question, but I’m getting wrapped up. But, it was a pleasure meeting you guys and I love this film.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Aw! We didn’t get to answer your question.

Ryan Reynolds: Ask us your question.

So, the resurgence of sci-fi films are a big deal. They are coming back in a big way. What do you think it is about the sci-fi genre that is getting people back into theaters again?

Jake Gyllenhaal: I think the world is in a somewhat, what we would consider, in a bit of turmoil in a way. I think that the idea of boundaries is being challenged everywhere. And I think our fascination with sci-fi is that it is a boundary-less world where we can kind of create the reality that we believe to be as opposed to the reality that is. It is about the beyond and the unknown in a different way than pretty much any type of storytelling is. And it seems like we are headed into the unknown in a lot of ways and I think it is terrifying and exciting for a lot of people. But it is interesting how movies reflect the times and I think there is something very reflective about science fiction to our times today. What do you think?

Ryan Reynolds: I think there’s some f**king banana scary shit up there. Your answer is way better than mine. I just think people like being scared. I think people like getting out and seeing these things. It’s wish fulfillment – science fiction – to a certain degree. It’s like you get to experience vicariously, thank god, these extraterrestrial things.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Bored. I’m already bored. I’m bored by this answer. Is bored. I’m bored.

Ryan Reynolds: I know. Me too. I can’t feel my life.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Something should eat us and then it’ll be scary again.

Ryan Reynolds: Oh god.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Are you okay?

Ryan Reynolds: Yeah I’m good.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Hold on. Hold on. Let’s end this interview right. [mimics alien attacking Ryan]

Ryan Reynolds: Argh. [keels over]


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