Liam Neeson Close to Returning for 'Taken 3'

Liam Neeson is closing a $20 million deal to return for 'Taken 3', the third installment in co-writer/producer Luc Besson's Euro-thriller series.

Liam Neeson to return for Taken 3

They kidnapped his daughter in the first movie; then, both he and his ex-wife were captured in the sequel. So, who close to Bryan Mills will be "taken" in the third film, Taken 3?

Taken 1&2 co-writer Robert Mark Kamen announced that a third Taken installment would be developed, right after the sequel opened well at the U.S. box office (on its way to a $376 million global take on a $45 million budget). We are now hearing that Liam Neeson is closing a deal that will net him a big payday to reprise as the man with a "particular set of skills" and complete the hat trick.

Deadline is reporting that Neeson is closing a $20 million deal to return for Taken 3, which is a solid increase in salary over the $15 million he netted for Taken 2. No other cast members have been secured yet, but the script from Kamen and series producer/co-screenwriter Luc Beeson is reported to be "well in the works;" as such, production may start as early as the first quarter of 2014.

Kamen, when he spoke to about Taken 3 last year, said that the story will stray from the narrative approach on the first two movies since "we've taken everyone we can take." He also suggested that the third installment will be the first genuine sequel in the series, since he feels that Taken 2 is more of "a continuation story" than anything else.

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Kamen's right, in the sense that Taken 2 moves Bryan Mills' personal story forward - by focusing on his efforts to be a good father to his daughter (Maggie Grace) and leave his days of killing foreign criminals behind him - and, in addition, further develops the post-9/11 political subtext featured in the original film. Taken 3 could build on the momentum of its predecessor and, as a result, serve as a proper conclusion to the Taken trilogy.

The Hangover Part III managed to do as much for the Hangover franchise, yet the change in plot formula - following a carbon-copy second installment that failed to impress - seemed to prompt more complaints than expected (which took its toll at the box office).

Taken 3 is also coming off a sequel that many felt was lacking when compared to the first movie (with many complaints pointing to a lack of freshness) - but, will moviegoers be more willing to follow Bryan Mills on a different adventure, than they were the Wolfpack?

Are you interested in seeing Taken 3? Or was two Taken movies enough for you?


We'll keep you posted on Taken 3 as the story develops.

Source: Deadline

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