Liam Neeson Talks Cameo in 'Hangover 2' Plus New Set Photos

Last year, The Hangover scored big with audiences by delivering raucous action, raunchy humor, and a genuinely intriguing mystery.

Indeed, the movie was so successful that many have wondered whether the Thailand-based sequel will be able to outdo its predecessor.

Back in October, director Todd Phillips promised that The Hangover 2 would deliver some "some f@#$ed-up surprises." While there's no reason to doubt Phillips, thus far the only glimpse of the movie we've seen has been beyond benign (unless you think photos of the actors walking through the airport is exciting).

Thankfully, TMZ got a hold of some set photos that hint at the movie's plot as well as some of the crazy antics the guys will be getting into.

Check out the set images below. These images, and the discussion after them, should be considered SPOILERS, so if you want to be totally surprised, you should probably move on.




Looking at these photos, two questions immediately come to mind: Why is Zach Galifianakis bald, and why did Ed Helms get a Mike Tyson-style face tattoo? As to the former question, TMZ claims that Galifianakis' character shaves after becoming a monk. Given that the movie is set in Thailand, this definitely makes sense.

As to the face tattoo, it jives with previous reports that Liam Neeson would play a tattoo artist for his cameo role. Interestingly, however, Neeson recently told People Magazine that he wouldn't be playing that role after all. According to the article, "Neeson revealed his part is being filmed at a movie studio in Los Angeles and shot down rumors he'll play a tattoo artist – but would not reveal what his role will actually be."

It's interesting that Neeson "shot down" rumors about playing a tattoo artist when the "rumors" were based on his direct quote to Variety. Could it have been that he wasn't supposed to reveal his role, and now he's just running damage control? Whatever the case, I'm sure that the explanation for Helms' new look will be just as entertaining as the reason why he woke up missing a tooth in the first Hangover.

What do you think of these new set photos? Any thoughts on the potential plot for The Hangover 2?

The Hangover 2 is currently slated for release on May 26, 2011.

Source: TMZ, People

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