Liam Hemsworth In Talks For Phillip Noyce's 'Timeless'

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What a difference the past ten months have made for Liam Hemsworth. He was largely just known as Miley Cyrus' boyfriend in The Last Song, at the beginning of 2011 - now he's readily recognized as the younger brother of Thor star Chris Hemsworth, the actor who's playing Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games movie, and a young addition to the cast of The Expendables 2.

Hemsworth may even land his own starring vehicle in the near future - seeing how he's entered negotiations to headline Timeless, the next project from director Phillip Noyce (Clear and Present Danger, Salt).

Moviehole has the scoop on Hemsworth being in talks for Timeless, which is being produced by Sunil Perkash and scripted by Bill Kelly - the same team that was responsible for the 1999 Brendan Fraser comedy Blast from the Past, the mystery-fantasy Premonition (with Sandra Bullock), and Disney's acclaimed live-action spin on its animated fairy tale princess movies, Enchanted. Kind of an unusual resume, but, moving on...

The 21 year-old Hemsworth would star in Timeless as a young widower, who is psychologically-tormented by "unresolved issues" between his late wife and himself. So, the character does what any sensible fellow would do: use the impressive amounts of cash left to him by his deceased spouse to build a time machine and travel back to when she was still alive - in the hopes of finding some closure... and, to see his dearly beloved one last time, naturally.

Sarcasm aside, that basic premise - a person seemingly bending the vey laws of science and the universe, as a means of reuniting with someone they lost - has served as the basis for some genuinely heart-breaking stories in the past. It's a setup that also lends itself to more of an "artsy" interpretation, as seen in films like Solaris or The Fountain - or something more mainstream, like Simon Wells' adaptation of his great-grandfather's classic sci-fi novel, The Time Machine.

Timeless could also play out in more of an overly portentous and hokey fashion, though - and seeing how the most similar entry in Kelly's writing resume, Premonition, was widely accused of being just that... well, there's good reason to be a bit cautious. Still, Noyce is a solid filmmaker and Hemsworth is a rising star - so it's best to not jump to any conclusions either way (yet).


We'll keep you posted on the status of Timeless as the story develops.

Source: Moviehole

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