10 LGBTQA Characters Who Should Be Introduced To The MCU

Going forward, the MCU has made it clear that diversity is a priority. Films like Black Panther and Captain Marvel have proved that placing an under-represented minority at the forefront of a film is good for audience and box office results. However, while planned films like Shang-Chi prove that Marvel will continue to explore racially diverse characters, one demographic completely overlooked by mainstream superhero media is the LGBTQA community.

There are several LGBTQA characters in the Marvel Universe who could be presented as queer in film. Many have the potential to push representation several steps forward in ways that truly matter. While some question the need for diversity, those in need of representation do not. There are several characters already in the MCU who are either LGBTQA in comics canon (most notably, Loki, who is a pansexual genderqueer character) and others were almost queer (a scene where Valkyrie spends a night with a woman was cut). And, in the Runaways Hulu series, we have Karolina and Xavin...

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But this list isn't about these characters. This list is about wanting more representation, not "any" representation.

While introducing these characters into the MCU will be highly controversial, here are ten LGBTQA characters that Marvel should introduce to the MCU.

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10 Mystique

Mystique is a well-established character in superhero cinema. She has appeared in about seven films. Everyone knows who she is.

However, never once has this bisexual supervillain been shown with a woman. Never once has the films acknowledged that Mystique has had male and female partners. Most notable of these partners is Destiny, a blind mutant with the ability to see the future, with whom she adopts Rogue in the comics.

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The MCU can stand to reference and examine Mystique as an LGBTQA character... if only to completely remove the character from Jennifer Lawrence's increasingly bored portrayal of her.

9 Skein

Sybil Dvorak is a mutant with the ability to control soft materials with mind powers -- most notably, a set of wings she creates from her shoulders. Skein has had many aliases and worked for numerous teams, most notably Hawkeye's Thunderbolts. She's an adversary for Spider-Woman, Spider-Man... and is bisexual.

She has a very flirty nature, most often flirting with women (most notably, Songbird). However, she originally was married to an American actor, who cheated on her -- which didn't end well for him. Having male and female partners, Skein is a fascinating character with a lot of potential in the MCU.

8 Daken

Daken is Wolverine's son. He's sometimes a villain, sometimes an anti-hero, but he's always a bit of a vicious chip-off-the-old-block. He has also been voted as one of the sexiest male comic book characters of all time.

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And he has had numerous affairs with male and female characters, often as a means to manipulate those around him. Some can read this as predatory, which makes Daken a somewhat problematic LGBTQA character to introduce into the MCU. That said, if handled carefully, it can also be quite fascinating.

7 Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is not a character often referenced as queer. Her most famous relationships in the comics are with men, most notably Colossus, whom she almost married recently, and Peter Parker, who she dated in the Ultimate Comics for some time. And Star-Lord, but less said about that the better.

However, Kitty Pryde has also been in numerous long-term relationships with women. Many writers claimed after the fact to have written Kitty as attracted to woman -- most notably, with Illyana (Colossus's sister) and Rachel Summers.

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While presenting Kitty as bisexual might be a dramatic choice to make, it would be a brave path for the MCU to blaze. It's also a long-shot, since even the comics seem hesitant to admit Kitty isn't straight.

6 Phyla-Vell

Phyla-Vell from Guardians of the Galaxy

With Captain Marvel, MCU fans will meet Carol Danvers... but Carol isn't the only Captain Marvel. She isn't even the only woman to be Captain Marvel. Phyla-Vell is the daughter of Mar-Vell and the fourth person to wear the moniker of Captain Marvel.

Phyla-Vell is also in a same-sex relationship with Moondragon (Drax the Destroyer's daughter). Which makes Phyla-Vell very explicitly gay. Given her popularity among fans of the cosmic Marvel Universe, it makes sense to introduce her in her full lesbian glory.

5 Wiccan & Hulkling

Hulkling and Wiccan of the Young Avengers kiss

The MCU is building to a Young Avengers team-up movie, so it becomes seemingly inevitable that Wiccan and Hulkling will both be making their big-screen debuts.


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As one of the most noteworthy same-sex couples in the Marvel Universe, Wiccan and Hulkling are two kids with extraordinarily different powers. Wiccan is a magical boy while Hulkling possesses alien strength. The two are also precious. Beyond the fact both would be just incredibly cinematic heroes, their relationship is so sincere and sweet and will easily be one of the best romances in the MCU if brought to life.

4 Sera

Marvel's Angela and Sera Kissing from Queen of Hel

Sera is an Angel, bound and loyal to Angela. She is a fairly recent character in the Marvel Universe, introduced in part to help develop the world of Angela.

Sera is also a trans queer woman, romantically involved with Thor's forgotten sister. She is a fascinating character who can help develop the MCU by the virtue of her existence, but also, as a trans character, offer a representation of the criminally under-represented trans community.

3 America Chavez

America Chavez is a highly controversial character among comic fans. She's an aggressive and brash hero with a load of personality.

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She is also notably the first Latin-American LGBTQA hero to headline her own comic. As such, what better character to introduce to the MCU than her? Latin-American characters are already seldom given leading roles in superhero fiction, let alone queer characters. But beyond just offering representation to under-represented people, she's just an incredibly entertaining character who is a joy to watch kick-butt.

2 Northstar

Northstar and Kyle Jinadu's marriage ceremony

Northstar is notably one of the first openly-gay superheroes around. As such, many cultural landmark moments in comic history surrounding LGBTQA representation are centered around him. The first same-sex wedding in a comic? Northstar.

Since Marvel has finally acquired the rights to characters once owned by Fox, Northstar -- a mutant -- can finally appear in the MCU. It would be a waste not to explore Northstar's sexuality now that they own the rights.

1 Iceman

Iceman fighting

In recent years, Bobby Drake has taken center stage as Marvel's most noteworthy gay superhero. Bobby is a character with a long, storied history in Marvel, who has, again, appeared in several films. However, Bobby's film appearances have never explored the extent of his character or powers (which, considering he is an Omega-Level mutant, is startling).

But only recently has it become clear that Iceman is a super closeted gay man, repressing his sexuality as a subject of shame. This can be a hugely powerful story to explore, especially now that the X-Men are home at the MCU. Mutants are always represented as metaphors for real cultural minorities, but it seems foolish for Marvel to reboot the X-Men without also offering real oppressed minorities a chance to identify directly with their experiences.

So Bobby Drake? It's inevitable he'll be introduced in the MCU. It seems like a waste not to make him one of the first LGBTQA superheroes in the MCU.

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