There has been a recent trend where big movie studios promote the fact that they have gay characters in their films. They will use this to try and make headlines, yet the audience is often disappointed by how non-committal and easily deniable the sexuality of these characters is. This was

the case with Sulu in Star Trek BeyondTrini in Power Rangersand LeFou in Beauty and the Beast

Paul Feig fought hard to be able to openly declare that Jillian Holtzmann in Ghostbusters was a lesbian. Sony shut him down, however, and he has only been able to mention it in interviews.

There was a scene that reveals Holtzmann's sexuality, but it was relegated to an extended scene on the home release of Ghostbusters. Holtzmann says that she is dating Erin Gilbert, which Erin denies. This is the closest the movie came to acknowledging that Holtzmann is either gay or bisexual.

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