Lexi Alexander Punished By Lionsgate?

 Apparently, The Punisher is just not meant to be a big screen icon.

First Dolph Lundgren took a stab at the character way back in 1989 following the original post-Batman comic book movie frenzy. Then Thomas Jane was cast in a reboot that didn't please fans, and now it would seem that Ray Stevenson is the third and possibly final actor to play the role in Punisher: War Zone.

Word from AICN is that the director Lexi Alexander has been kicked off the project.

Film School Rejects also heard that the editing team from The Incredible Hulk has also been brough in to help the post-production process.

Now, I'm a pretty curious guy, that so I decided to check out Lexi Alexander's personal web page - a site that had given copious updates throughout filming,  and what did I see?


What does that mean?

Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

I think that a picture really does say a thousand words.

It would appear that Alexander has indeed been kicked off the film and the AICN rumors of her signing a non-disclosure contract are true!

Apparently this is the news:

"Lexi Alexander has been kicked to the curb - part of that treatment was her "honeymoon" from Comic-Con. However, there's more totally awesome wedding gifts that Lionsgate has given the blushing bride. She's off the movie and wrapped up in a non-disclosure clause - so we won't be hearing from her anytime soon, UNLESS THINGS CHANGE RADICALLY - but Lionsgate isn't necessarily known for calming down. They've decided to market it HARD CORE - and they've decided to jettison the composer for the film in lieu of loud thrashing metal, because nothing says PUNISHER like raspy amps."

I hate when this happens, and it's a shame - if there was ever a movie that needed good buzz it was The Punisher.

The rough cut of Punisher: War Zone seemed to go down well - after it was shown to the studio she said:

“Well, thank God it went well and, although I’ll probably have to compromise on a few minor notes, it’s not nearly as bad as some of my filmmaker friends predicted it would be. I guess I got away with an actual okay studio experience (knocking on wood since it’s not quite over yet).”

It looks like she didn't knock on that wood hard enough!

Oh, the above quote is no longer on Lexi's website - nor is there any Punisher: War Zone material.

It would seem that things went sour once Alexander handed in her cut of the trailer and then became “childish” when asked to make changes.


It will be interesting to see what happens here, I can only imagine fan outrage, and very sore ear drums if there is a loud thrashing soundtrack. Check out the latest trailer at IGN for clarification on thrashing soundtrack.

The aim is that the film will have a theatrical release, but if the film can't be saved expect to see it coming to a DVD store near you.

Oh dear.

If there's more news read it here on Screen Rant.

Sources: AICN ,  Lexi Alexander and Film School Rejects

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