Danny Glover Guest Starring In 4th Season Of 'Leverage'

Danny Glover will guest star in Leverage this summer

TNT's compassionate criminals are getting some auspicious company in their upcoming 4th season. Veteran actor Danny Glover will appear in the fifth episode of Leverage season 4, currently scheduled for a July airing.

For those unfamiliar with Leverage, think of it as Ocean's 11 meets Robin Hood. A gang of former super-thieves and merry con men band together to fight corporations and criminals pro bono for their wronged clients. Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People) highlights an ensemble cast.

Glover needs no introduction. In addition to his many film roles highlighted by the Lethal Weapon series, he's appeared on a smattering of recent television shows including Brothers and Sisters, My Name Is Earl and Human Target. His latest movie role is Captain Ahab in Age of the Dragons, a low-budget fantasy retelling of Moby Dick.

Glover's character will unsurprisingly be featured heavily in the episode. He'll be playing a veteran whose priceless artwork is stolen - Leverage Consulting is contracted to recover it. The episode will make extensive use of flashbacks and narration by Glover's character.

Leverage has done well on TNT since its debut in 2008. The combination of populist ideals and fun stories resonates with the audience, and plays well against more serious one-hour dramas like Southland. Having a likeable cast - including Gina Bellman, Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraff - doesn't hurt either.

The cast of TNT's Leverage

While Glover will certainly be the series' biggest guest star, he's far from the first. Previously Leverage played host to Star Trek alumni Wil Wheaton (The Big Bang Theory) and Jeri Ryan (who plays Sonya Blade on the upcoming Mortal Kombat web series). Other notables include Richard Kind, Mark Sheppard and Alex Carter.

The series has maintained steady ratings for a one-hour cable show. While it averaged 3 million viewers per episode in its first season, that number had jumped to a respectable 4 million by last year. Leverage usually scores 1 million viewers in its key demographic.

Leverage is a fun ride with a good hook and real chemistry amongst the core cast. I'm glad (if surprised) that it's lasted into its fourth season. And, rest assured, Danny Glover is not too old for this show. ;-)

TNT premieres the fourth season of Leverage on June 26. Glover's episode is currently scheduled for July 24th.

Source: TV Line

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