The 1987 buddy cop action film Lethal Weapon kicked off a four-film franchise that collectively earned nearly a billion dollars worldwide at the box office. So it’s not surprising that in lieu of a fifth movie, Warner Bros. and FOX have begun plans to rework the popular films into a new TV series.

Originally featuring Danny Glover and Mel Gibson in the lead roles, the small screen reboot will star Damon Wayans (The Underground, My Wife and Kids) as veteran cop Roger Murtaugh. His more-than-slightly unstable partner Martin Riggs has yet to be cast, but FOX has found their police psychologist in Jordana Brewster.

THR reports that Brewster, best known as Mia in The Fast and the Furious films, will play Dr. Maureen “Mo” Cahill. The doc serves as the LAPD’s hostage negotiator, but also acts as in-house therapist for anyone on the force dealing with trauma. Just like the original movies, it seems as though the television version of Riggs will be a particularly “hard case” for the therapist to deal with.

Lethal Weapon TV show announced Lethal Weapon TV Pilot Adds Jordana Brewster To Its Cast

The plot synopsis for the new series follows the original film fairly closely. Former Navy SEAL and Texas cop Riggs moves to Los Angeles for a fresh start after the loss of his wife and baby. He partners up with veteran LAPD detective Murtaugh, who must avoid any stress in his life after suffering a “minor” heart attack. We suspect lots of wisecracking and exciting action scenes will ensue.

Aside from her recent appearance in Furious 7, Brewster has appeared on the small screen in American Crime Story, Secrets and Lies, and Dallas. She also had a four-episode arc on Chuck, a spy comedy series executive produced by Matt Miller, who will also be writing and producing this Lethal Weapon reboot.

It’s not yet clear what the precise tone of the new series will be, but casting Wayans seems to indicate the series will place an emphasis on the comedic elements. What made the original better than the typical buddy cop movie was how well it blended the explosive action with outright comedy, while still finding time to focus on the more poignant moments of Riggs’ incredible sense of loss and his eventual the bonding with Murtaugh and his family. Casting Brewster as the therapist and hostage negotiator potentially means that role will have a little more weight to it than just an excuse for pop psychology moments and dismissive banter, as was the case in the films when Gibson was required to interact with the psychologist character portrayed by the late Mary Ellen Trainor. Hopefully the new Lethal Weapon will find the right balance to prevent this series from becoming another bad reboot idea.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on Lethal Weapon news as it becomes available.

Source: THR

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