Lethal Weapon 5?

I think that it's well known around these parts that I'm a big supporter of Mel Gibson (let's not get into his views, the guy is a movie star), and that I love Richard Donner's movies. I also love the work of Shane Black - that guy knew how to pen a witty action movie. If you don't know, check out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Last Boy Scout.

And now news has come in that Shane Black, writer of the original Lethal Weapon film, has apparently penned a fifth installment of the action series. Allegedly he has shown the script to producer Joel Silver (Speed Racer) and both Danny Glover and Mad Mel are interested in returning to their signature roles!

This is great news - but is it really going to happen?

Acoording to Tracking (via Comingsoon) :

"Riggs (Gibson) is about to retire, but pulls Murtaugh (Glover) out of retirement to solve one final case, before they both officially head off into the sunset."

It sounds like a pretty darn cool concept (considering that in the series Murtaugh would now be in his seventies), but will Gibson and Glover really be interested in returning to the franchise? Over the years they've both said that they'd never make another Lethal Weapon.

Never say never, and money talks (gee two movie titles in one sentence) in Hollywood.

All of the people named above need a commercial hit, so there is a chance that they might return to the well one last time. Warner Bros. knows that old franchises die hard, and the last few years have shown that you can squeeze an extra few hundred million from an aging icon.

There's no word on Joe Pesci, Rene Russo or Chris Rock returning, and considering that they weren't in Black's original film they may not. Could their characters' deaths be the reason that Mel is a Lethal Weapon once more?

I know what you're thinking. What about Dick?

Well, in my eyes Richard "Dick" Donner is the heart and soul of Lethal Weapon, so we need Dick on-board. Now more than ever considering co-composer Michael Kamen's passing. However, a few years ago Silver and Donner had a falling out, but pray that a reunion is on the cards. Hear that Mel? Pray!

"What about cost ?" I hear you scream from the peanut gallery!

Well... Lethal Weapon 4 cost $150 million back in 1998 and that was mostly due to salary demands. Joe Pesci (home) alone got $12 million for the action flick, while Gibbo got about $35 million - praise the Lord! So a streamlined cast may be the way to go.

Treat this all as rumor for the moment... but pray people: Forget The Goonies 2, we want a Lethal Weapon 5.


'cause it's better than a remake and more fun that a special effects laden CGI fest!

More when (and if) we get it.

Sources: Tracking and Comingsoon

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