Lethal Weapon 5: Son Of Murtaugh

In August, Screen Rant reported that Shane Black was writing the script for the fifth installment of the Lethal Weapon franchise with interest from both Danny Glover and Mel Gibson making their return.

The reported synopsis had Riggs (Gibson's chracacter) who's just about to retire, bringing Murtaugh (Glover's character) out of retirement to solve one final case. This sounds like it would be the final sendoff the characters and it would allow the franchise to end with some closure.

My guess is that the big case would include characters very important to them (perhaps major characters from the prior films?) to make them partner up yet again for another action-packed adventure.

2 weeks ago, we reported that Black had been asked by producer Joel Silver to helm the project - taking over from Richard Donner who had directed all four previous films in the series. In that article, Niall said we can expect to see our favorite aging crime-fighting duo to be aided by a pair of young cops.

Well it might just be that one of those two cops will be Murtaugh's son.

Speaking with IGN, Columbus Short confirmed that he was in talks to play the role of Murtaugh's film for Lethal Weapon 5. This is just my guess, but who better to continue the legacy then someone from the family gene pool?

Short is a promising young actor who will be getting alot of exposure with Quarantine hitting theatres this Friday and another four feature film projects on the go (not including Lethal Weapon 5).

News of Lethal Weapon 5 is of no surprise to me. Which 80s film franchise hasn't been recently continued and/or remade?

Personally, I'd love to see the story of Riggs and Murtaugh given an appropriate finish.

What do you think?

Source: IGN

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