'Let The Right One In' TV Series in Development with 'Teen Wolf' Showrunners

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When the Swedish Vampire film Let the Right One In was originally released in 2008 it was not only a critical success; it quickly became one of the more beloved foreign films of recent memory. So when it was announced that the movie would be getting a American remake in 2010 - directed by Matt Reeves and starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee - fans of the original were skeptical. However, even the remake ended up finding its audience and being a critical hit in its own right.

Hollywood has never shown hesitation when it comes to adapting foreign properties for U.S. screens (even if some don't end up working out). Even last year, Fox's remake of the BBC murder-mystery Broachurch - this time called Gracepoint - was a mild critical success, but didn't grab audiences as well as the original did. In the case of Let the Right One In, America is going for another adaptation; this time, for the small screen.

THR reports that A&E is currently developing a TV remake of Let the Right One In. The network is said to be working on the remake with Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis and actor/screenwriter Brandon Boyce for an American adaptation of the vampire story.

Davis has successfully run the MTV remake of Teen Wolf for the past four seasons; prior to that, he penned the original script that gave rise to Criminal Minds. Meanwhile, Boyce is coming off his role as Dr. Vandenburg in Wolf and his writing credits include Apt Pupil and Wicker Park - as well as his recent debut novel, "Here Be the Bloods".

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The original 2008 Let The Right One In is based on the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist; Reeves' remake, as it were, is titled Let Me In. Both of the previous film adaptations follow the story of a boy and a female vampire - one who lives in secrecy from the rest of the world with her mysterious guardian, forever trapped to appear as though she's just a normal underage woman. Events are set in motion when a strange series of murders begin occurring in the town (thanks to you-guessed-who), leading to the arrival of a federal Marshall with a dark past of his own.

The premise certainly allows itself to be turned into a more serialized, long-form story compared to what is possible in the movie format. Moreover, Davis has been extremely successful with Teen Wolf - having amassed quite a dedicated fan following for the remake, including those who have seen the original 1980s film. This Let the Right One In TV show one could go either way, though, and only time will tell if it will end up becoming another Bates Motel-style success for A&E.

Let the Right One In is currently in development at A&E.

Source: THR

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