'Let The Right One In' Remake May Have Its Male Lead

The English language remake of the Swedish vampire romance film Let The Right One In, is very much on its way. Retitled Let Me In (apparently the original title was deemed to long for the US version), the film has Matt "Cloverfield" Reeves attached to both write and direct.

A couple of the things that made the original Let The Right One In (which wasn't even released in the U.S. before Hollywood got its claws into it) work so well was the performances of the two lead tweens, Kåre Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson. The chemistry between the two leads is crucial for the romance to work - so who is in the running to play either of them? Well, there's still no word on the female (vampire) character, but today we have the possibility for the male lead.

Kodi Smit-McPhee (Romulus, My Father, The Road) revealed in an interview with The Herald-Sun that he's up for the lead male role in Let Me In. There's nothing been set in stone yet, but the young actor says that it's looking good. McPhee is just about the right age for the character (well, plus one year, but I think we can let that slide), which is something I think is extremely important.

Reeves said in an interview recently that the remake will honor the original story of Let The Right One In by keeping the characters at the same age and not making them older to capitalize on the current Twilight craze. I am so glad Reeves has his head screwed on the right way to realize this.

I must admit I've yet to see McPhee in anything (well, except for in The Road trailer, but that's hardly a chance to see how good of an actor he is), but he certainly has the right look in my eyes.

Even though Reeves seems mismatched with Let Me In (especially considering his biggest cinematic claim-to-fame, Cloverfield, is pretty much the opposite of what Let The Right One In is), I must admit I'm curious to see what he does with it. Only time will tell whether swapping destroying the buildings of New York to a (hopefully) subtle, meticulous vampire romance story will turn out well.

I'm not happy about Hollywood remaking Let The Right One In, but the news we've heard so far (particularly what Reeves has previously said) admittedly could've been far, far worse.

Do you think Kodi Smit-McPhee is right for the lead male role in Let Me In? Are you looking forward to this remake?

Let Me In is currently slated for a release sometime in 2010.

Sources: The Herald-Sun via Moviehole (thanks to Bloody-Disgusting)

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