Let It Snow: The Tin Foil Woman Explained

What's the deal with the Tin Foil Woman in Netflix's Christmas movie, Let It Snow? Here's an explanation into Joan Cusack's eccentric character.

Let It Snow

Warning: Spoilers below for Netflix's Let It Snow!

Netflix's Let It Snow's most compelling character is Joan Cusack's Tin Foil Woman, but what's the deal with the movie's mysterious figure? Let It Snow features an impressive cast in its Love Actually-esque method of storytelling, putting young stars on the rise at the front and center, including Kiernan Shipka, Shameik Moore, and Isabela Merced.

The latest Christmas tale from Netflix is based on the 2008 book, Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romancesby author John Green. The story centers on a sleepy midwestern town that is targeted by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. During the snow-filled day, a group of teenagers experiences how one day can completely change their lives. There are a number of separate subplots that later converge as the friends gather for a Christmas Eve party at a local Waffle restaurant.

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Throughout Let It Snow, an unnamed tow truck driver tends to pop up here and there. This isn't an ordinary tow truck driver, however, this woman dons an outfit wrapped in aluminum, including a tin foil hat. At one point, Addie and Dorrie (Odeya Rush and Liv Hewson, respectively) stop next to her at a red light and question the reasoning for the foil. Rather than just serving as an eccentric figure in Let It Snow, the Tin Foil Woman acts as the movie's narrator as proven at the beginning and end of holiday flick.

The Importance Of The Tin Foil Woman In Let It Snow

Let It Snow

The Tin Foil Woman is used to set up Let It Snow by teasing the power that snow can have. By the end of the movie, the character proves that one day can change everything. She also adds that December 24 is Christmas Eve but it could also be the eve as something much bigger like with the case of Tobin (Mitchell Hope) and the Duke's (Shipka) new romance, the budding relationship between Julie and Stuart (Merced and Moore), or Addie's newfound confidence.

The Tin Foil Woman's role also serves another key purpose since she connects the major storylines. She serves as a voice of reason and the giver of life lessons when she gave Addie a ride. The Tin Foil Woman also helps Tobin get his car out of a snowy ditch, giving him a push to attend the Waffle Town party where he admits his love with the Duke. In the post-credits scene, the Tin Foil Woman can be heard singing Stuart's song, "First Christmas [That I Loved You]," proving that she's a fan of the singer. But what if it was her who gave Stuart a ride to the party so he could reunite with Julie?

In Green's novel, a similar character was presented as a way to connect the three major stories. The character was a man in the book but he still displayed an eccentric persona through his tin foil get-up. The man linked the stories just as the Tin Foil Woman did in Let It Snow. Characters like that are meant to add a comical presence. To go a step further, the Tin Foil Woman in the Netflix movie reiterates the magic of the Christmas season.

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